Playable Races

Initial Player Races

In Galaxy Legion there are a total of 6 initial playable races, these being Aerlen, Inergon, Human, Konqul, Sillixx, and Vygoid. Each one has a racial trait that applies a %bonus to a ship stat, applied after ship modules and crew effects. Changing your race will cause you to lose the trait bonus for your original race, and acquire the racial trait of the new race that you choose. Each race is limited to certain Professions.

If you wish to change your race and profession sometime in the future, you will need to either:

The bonuses gained from races and professions are very powerful, one should plan ahead as to what they would like to do in the game before choosing.


aerlen.png ship-base2.png aerlen.png

Aerlen prefer anonymity and try to avoid conflict. Aerlen ships are very agile and difficult to target. The Aerlen race have a 30% bonus to ship Defense. Which allows one's ship to have higher Defense gained through Thrusters/Dampeners and Helmsmen. An Aerlen Fixer with a well fit ship is the toughest character to kill of the initial standard races.

Available Professions: Physicist, Explorer, Fixer, Biologist, Excavator, Hacker


human.png ship-base4-right.png human.png

Humans adapt quickly to their surroundings, and fit a wide variety of roles. The Human race have a 10% bonus to all Experience gains. Which allows for one to ascend the Ranks faster in comparison to other races.

Available Professions: Merchant, Spy, Explorer, Miner, Hacker, Raider


inergon.png ship-base7-right.png inergon.png

Inergon are beings capable of absorbing energy from everything around them. Because of this those of the Inergon race have a 10% bonus to max Energy. Which allows one's ship to have higher Energy gained through Reactors and engineers than other races, but also reduce more Energy lost from Relays.

Available Professions: Spy, Merchant, Physicist, Explorer, Builder, Biologist

Link to Fan-Made History: Race Histories, The Inergon


konqul.png ship-base-right.png konqul.png

The Konqul are a race of rigidly organized soldiers. Konqul attack first and ask questions later. They have a 20% bonus to ship Attack and Planetary Invasion. Which allows one's ship to have higher attack gained through Cannons and Tactical Officers.

Available Professions: Spy, Builder, Fixer, Excavator, Miner, Raider


sillixx.png ship-base6-right.png sillixx.png

Sillixx are well known as proficient traders. Their ships are larger than all other races. Because of this those of the Sillixx race have a 10% bonus to ship size (more Decks). Which allows one's ship to hold more equipment in comparison to other races.

Available Professions: Merchant, Explorer, Builder, Fixer, Biologist, Raider


vygoid.png ship-base3-right.png vygoid.png

The Vygoid replaced most of their original physiology with technology. They have an affinity for all scientific pursuits. Because of this those of the Vygoid race have a 20% bonus to Research gains, Which allows faster access to new equipment for one's ship.

Available Professions: Spy, Physicist, Builder, Excavator, Miner, Hacker

Unlockable Races

Unlockable Player Races require prerequisites to be completed before becoming available. When unlocked, any effect that changes your race will allow you to become one. These do not come into effect immediately on unlocking. Professions listed are those known, others may be possible.

Using the in-game Account Reset option will not enable you to choose a race you have unlocked.


bahreen.png ship-base-bahreen-right.gif bahreen.png

Playable after completing The Luminous Era stand-alone mission, which is opened by using Porowyn's Crystal from the 10 year medal award. The Bahreen race has a Luminous Sub-Frequency Lens ability that allows the transformation of a Barren, Desert, Metallic, Icy, Terra, or Toxic planet into a Luminous world, at the cost of 15 Prismodyne Energy, with a cooldown of 40 hours.

Available Professions: Guard, Governor, Explorer, Physicist, Excavator, Mentor


drannik.png ship-base9-right.png drannik.png

The original Drannik race was actually extinct. Their hunger for productivity lead them to develop several fleets of autonomous drones. The drones were instructed to self-replicate, and thus it was believed that they long outlived their original creators.

Drannik Automatons are commonly found wandering the galaxy. However, not too long ago a few races found some of the original Drannik DNA and used this to bring them back to life. The Drannik explained that they had actually been killed by their creations, and then fought back against their creations with these races' help. The Drannik saw that their new saviors and friends were great fighters against the Drones, and helped them become like the Drannik race. Becoming this race gives you a 40% increase to attack against NPCs.

Playable after completing A Pact with the Drannik, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 185 mission The Drannik Extinction.

Available Professions: Physicist, Builder, Explorer, Hacker, Merchant, Fixer


genetarr.png ship-base10-right.png genetarr.png

Genetarr are known for their psionic powers. After successfully completing an intricately-coordinated effort against the Stryll Order, the Genetarr feel it is their time to rise.

The Genetarr have the 'Mind Influence' Ability, which can be used against any standard NPC, lowering their attack by 50% for 1 hour. It has a 30 minute cooldown.

After using the 'Mind Influence' ability 100 times, Genetarr are granted the 'Improved Mind Influence' Ability which, in addition to the usual effect, also prevents an NPC from using abilities against any attacking player for the first 10 minutes of the effect.

Playable after completing Seal of the Genetarr, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 10 mission Stryll Infiltration.

Available Professions: Builder, Fixer, Merchant, Explorer, Physicist, Biologist


kronyn.png ship-base-kronyn-right.png kronyn.png

The Kronyn have an Erudition Ability, allowing them to upgrade the research richness of a planet once every 40 hours, and costs 200 energy to use.

Playable after completing Altered Directions, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 5 mission Anomalous Appearance.

Available Professions: Biologist, Builder, Excavator, Explorer, Hacker, Physicist


lazuli.png ship-base11-right.png lazuli.png

The Lazuli are master ship builders, taking their skills from their former Syndicate rulers. After a large group of Lazuli declared independence from the Syndicate, they became allies to many of the other races in the Galaxy, and continue to fight against their former oppressors.

The Lazuli provide a 50% bonus to hull integrity.

Playable after completing Lazuli Independence, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 190 mission A Syndicate Trap.

Available Professions: Builder, Fixer, Raider, Biologist, Miner, Physicist


litheor.png ship-base-litheor-right.png litheor.png

The Litheor are a race of beings that emerged from hibernation deep under the surface of scores of occupied worlds, causing much damage to planetary infrastructure in the process. They apparently settled these worlds long before we colonised the surface.

The Litheor have the 'Deep-Phase Probe' Ability to launch a Litheor Deep-Phase Probe permanently into the planet. The Probe becomes a Planet Structure with the following stats, Size 1, +2 Artifact/Research/Mining, +900 Pop, +150 Cloak. Limit 2 per planet. The ability has a 40 hour cool down.

Playable after completing The Litheor Conciliation, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 100 mission Tremors From Below. The Litheor are one of the 3 unlockable races that may choose the Governor Profession.

Available Professions: Excavator, Explorer, Fixer, Governor, Miner, Spy


mylarai.png ship-base-mylarai-right.png mylarai.png

The Mylarai are the wealthiest and most reckless miners in the galaxy. Arrogant and spontaneous, they put profit motives above all others, which frequently results in trouble.

The Mylarai have the 'Enrich' Ability, which can be used on their planets. It increases the mining richness of the planet by 1, and has a 40 hour cooldown and costs 200 energy to use.

After using the 'Enrich' ability 15 times, Mylarai are granted the 'Improved Enrich' Ability.

Playable after completing The Mylarai Accord, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 7 mission Octafari Distress.

Available Professions: Miner, Fixer, Spy, Raider, Merchant, Explorer


taltherian.png ship-base12-right.png taltherian.png

The Taltherians were an advanced industrious civilization, but a subspace mutagen ravaged their original population. Surviving Taltherians still carry the amazing skills of their ancestors, developing vast cities and colonies. The original Taltherians built large Ecumenopolis worlds, covered in structures from horizon to horizon.

The Taltherians have the 'Urbanize' Ability, which can be used on their planets. It increases the artifact richness of the planet by 1, and has a 40 hour cooldown. It costs 200 energy to use.

Playable after completing Taltherian Renewal, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 230 mission Empty Arrival.

The Urbanize ability gives Taltherians a rather unique option for building up planets. See Taltherian Planet Tactics for more info.

Available Professions: Builder, Excavator, Miner, Merchant, Spy, Raider.


uldrinan.png ship-base-uldrinan-right.png uldrinan.png

The Uldrinan hold unique territory ideal for trade and technology.

Accordingly, they have the 'Uldrinan Quota' Ability, which allows them to produce 2 Uldri Trade Credits every 20 hours. Those Uldri Trade Credits can be spent on unique upgrades in the Uldrinan Market.

Playable after completing The Uldrinan Agreement, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 150 mission Necessary Precautions. The Uldrinan are one of the 3 unlockable races that may choose the Governor Profession, and is currently the only race where a player can choose the Guard Profession.

Fixer, Governor, Guard, Hacker, Merchant, Physicist


xecti.png ship-base-xecti-right.png xecti.png

A race of insectoid creatures, Xecti ships and planets receive a 40% boost to attack and defense when under attack or invasion.

Playable after completing The Xecti Agreement, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 20 mission A Station Adrift. The Xecti are one of the 3 unlockable races that may choose the Governor Profession.

Available Professions: Builder, Fixer, Governor, Miner, Raider, Spy


zolazin.png ship-base8-right.png zolazin.png

Another race of cyborgs. This species is very secretive and has very advanced stealth technology. If you are a member of the Zolazin you have a boost of 40% Cloak. The Zolazin are also the only race to be able to choose the Saboteur profession.

Playable after completing The Zolazin Truce, the end of the mission chain that begins with the Rank 5 mission The Glaviz Incident.

Available Professions: Builder, Explorer, Hacker, Raider, Saboteur, Spy

NPC Races and Factions

Other than the players, many other races exist, including ones that have yet to be discovered. They are not playable but usually appear in limited-time missions. Other Races also appear throughout the list of attackable enemies in the Battle area.

The Chuhn

chuhn.png The Chuhn appear during the Chuhn seasonal event as non-hostile NPC's offering traded goods from around the galaxy

Chuhn Merchant vessels can be found during this seasonal event.

The Crimson Blades

crimdef.png Like the Sha'din Coalition, the Crimson Blades are a dangerous band of criminals. However, rather than specialising in Hacking, they are experts in all manner of criminal activities. The profits from their illicit activities have allowed them to acquire and construct massively powerful ships, and it is rumoured that they even have stations hidden throughout the Galaxy. Only the captains of the most powerful ships in the Galaxy should even think about attempting to take on such dangerous criminals.

Crimson Blade vessels are occasionally found wandering the galaxy.

Dark Smugglers Guild

dsg2.png The Dark Smugglers Guild do exactly what their name implies - smuggle. If you want it, they can get it...for a price. The Guild prefers to escape those that give chase, rather than fight back. As such, their ships are difficult to hit due to their speed, and are only lightly armed. They also prefer to cover their ships with tough armour platings, rather than protective shields.

Dark Smugglers Guild vessels are commonly found wandering the galaxy.

The Drannik Automatons

drannik.png The original Drannik race is actually extinct. Their hunger for productivity lead them to develop several fleets of autonomous drones. The drones were instructed to self-replicate, and thus its believed that they long outlived their original creators.

Drannik Automatons are commonly found wandering the galaxy.

The Elios

  • Image: elios.png

The Elios seem uninterested in helping to prevent the resulting damage of their movements, and due to this negligence, ships are asked to intercept them.

Currently an unplayable race, that appears during the holidays in July.

The Genetarr

genetarr.png The Genetarr are a race of highly intelligent beings. Their society is a pure matriarchy. Ruling classes are based on groups of Genetarr that have skills manifesting special and strange metaphysical abilities unique to their race. Genetarr females possess even more powerful versions of these abilities, including telepathy.

The Glaviz

glaviz.png The Glaviz are a highly secretive race that have been in isolation for centuries. They rarely engage in contact with other races.

The Hallows Bane

  • Image: ?

Members of the Hallows Bane come out of hiding only at certain times in the galactic cycle, looking to harvest unsuspecting ships for their supplies.

Currently an unplayable race, that appears during the holidays in October.

The Kronyn

kronyn.png The Kronyn are a technologically advanced race of beings whose extreme obsession with scientific knowledge led to a experimental chain reaction that nearly resulted in the demise of their entire species.

The Lazuli Syndicate

lazuli.png The Lazuli Syndicate are a large gang of powerful galactic pirates. Their strength and expansion is a direct result of the ships they raid and steal, adding to their numbers and efficiency. The Lazuli prefer specific types of ships, especially larger ones that travel alone.

The Syndicate controls a large network of factories and refineries, using the ships they take to construct even more powerful structures and vessels.

The Lepus Drones

  • Image: ?

Named for their discovery in the Lepus Cluster, these drones are bio-mechanical constructs. Each hatchling's body houses unique sensing equipment, and could prove useful if they were captured.

Currently an unplayable race, that appears during the holidays in April.

The Lutuma

  • Image: lutuma.png

Currently an unplayable race, that appears during several missions in [The Lutuma Chronicles] mission chain.

  • Missions:

The Mylarai Mining Guild

mylarai.png The Mylarai Mining Guild have a notorious reputation for disregarding most of the Galactic rules regarding trade practices. Their mining procedures are reckless, and fatalities are common. They have also been known to illegally dump waste on any worlds in their trade route.

The Octafari

octafari.png The Octafari are a relatively unknown aquatic race that possess advanced dimensional-shifting technology. They control a small region of space, and claim that their ocean worlds are being polluted by the illegal actions of the Mylarai Mining Guild. They petition the Galactic Council for access to new colony sites away from the Mylarai Mining Guild, but they're hiding something...

The Prejor

prejor.png The Prejor were a thriving race of untold power that once occupied the galaxy. For reasons unknown, they all but disappeared, leaving their powerful technology behind.

The Q-Pedds

  • Image: ?

Scientists experimenting with robotic A.I. "companions" have once again made an unfortunate error in the bots' affection algorithms, causing these "Q-Pedds" to rebel and flee in nearby science transport ships. The Q-Pedds took much of the related equipment with them.

Some Q-Pedd models have already been reclaimed, and their logic servos are in the process of being inspected and repaired.

To those that detect any remaining escaped Q-Pedd ships: seizing back the stolen equipment is of great importance.

Currently an unplayable race that appears during the holidays in February.

Rogue Science League

  • Image: ?

The Rogue Science League is an organization of spies and undercover agents that sell trade secrets to our enemies at the highest bid. While their ships are lightly armed, they are heavily shielded. Those that destroy a Rogue Science League vessel will be rewarded with the secrets that would otherwise have fallen into enemy hands.

Rogue Science League vessels are commonly found wandering the galaxy.

The Scruuge

scruuge.png The Scruuge are a sect of radical idealists, motivated by greed, envy, and a misguided pursuit of perfection. The Scruuge claim that the galaxy is too overpopulated, and they directly interfere with trade and government aid programs, especially during busy seasonal trade cycles.

Ships are asked to engage The Scruuge and reclaim any gifts they have may stolen during their blockades.

Currently an unplayable race that appears during the holidays in December.

The Sha'din Coalition

shadin.png The Sha'din are a loose band of notorious criminals. Their ships are well-equipped, paid for by the profits of their illicit activities, and are specifically designed to allow their pilots to hack into even the most secure of facilities. Their ships typically have better weapons systems than defences, making them dangerous opponents.

Sha'din Coalition vessels are commonly found wandering the galaxy.

The Silthion Hive

  • Image: ?

The Silthion are a race of rapidly evolving insectoids that survive and travel directly in space. Originally, they were isolated on their homeworld located in the Vorigar Region, but over the years, their physiology rapidly changed to allow travel to nearby planets. As time progressed, their rapid travel produced a dense fog of waste gases in that region, which eventually led to the shadowing of planets there. It is now known as the Vorigar Expanse.

The Silthion have begun to leave the Expanse, and their reliance on certain types of plasma energy create problems when they seek and attack other ships, outposts, and planets.

Space Entities

Various creatures specializing in Enemy Blockades.

  • Missions: None

The Stryll Order

stryll.png The Stryll Order are a secretive organization of genetically enhanced criminal hunters. They are trained and enhanced for a single purpose: seek and destroy. Their missions and hits are paid for by wealthy individuals, organizations, and corrupt governments looking to find and/or assassinate targets. Hiring a Stryll is illegal in all primary Galactic governments.

The Stryll Order possess some of the most advanced ship tracking equipment known, and are capable of tracking down even the most elusive of targets.

Stryll Order vessels are occasionally found wandering the galaxy.

The Taltherians

taltherian.png The surviving Taltherians became extremely reclusive, protective, and paranoid of outsiders. They established a hard automated defense perimeter, which include border sentries.

The Terran Outsiders

terran.png The Terran Outsiders are a group of rogue Humans who diverted from the original expansion centuries ago. They have developed many unique technologies and guard their advances jealously. T.O. Ships are especially well known for their superior shield technology, far more advanced than other races and factions. Caution is advised when dealing with Terran Outsider vessels.

Terran Outsider vessels are occasionally found wandering the galaxy.

The Titancore

  • Image: ?

The Titancore is the largest mobile AI Network ever built, providing new levels of combat intelligence never before possible.

The Voliir

voliir.png Not much is known about the Voliir. They have bio-vessels which are the result of countless generations of precise genetic adjustments. These living entities are said to be their slaves and they have the capability to breed more of these bioships.

Voliir vessels are very seldom found wandering the galaxy.

The Xecti

xecti.png The Xecti are an evil insectoid race that were presumed wiped out centuries ago. After finding signs of them during the examination of an abandoned space station, it appears that this evil collective is on the rise again.

The Zolazin Cyborgs

zolazin.png The Zolazin are an advanced group of tech-obsessed cyborgs. They use superior cloaking technology to spy on other races. When they find technology that would prove useful to them, they will attempt to steal it. Their technology makes them difficult to find and track.

The Zolazin were involved in the infamous Glaviz Incident, stealing a powerful and important relic from the Glaviz homeworld.

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