Galaxy Points

galaxypoints.png GP Galaxy Points are one of two major forms of currency in the game, along with credits.png CR.


Acquiring GP

Each time you collect your Daily Reward, you have a chance of gaining 5 galaxypoints.png GP as one of the random drops.

You can spin the Galaxy Wheel for 10 galaxypoints.png GP for a 10% chance at getting back 20 galaxypoints.png GP.

For a few years, you could acquire galaxypoints.png GP with TrialPay offers, but that option is not currently available.

Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP can be purchased with real currency. Use the 'Redeem Points' link at the top left of the GL Interface Header to open up the popup window. Then, click on the 'Get More Points' button at the top of the popup window.

Note that the conversion rate in British pounds fluctuates over time due to currency speculation and market forces and should only be taken as an extremely rough guide. The actual cost at the time of purchase should be provided to you prior to payment by whichever service you choose to pay for the points with (e.g. Paypal).

Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP USD ($) GBP (£)
20 galaxypoints.png GP $3.00 £1.86
40 galaxypoints.png GP $5.00 £3.11
90 galaxypoints.png GP $10.00 £6.21
200 galaxypoints.png GP $20.00 £12.43
550 galaxypoints.png GP $50.00 £31.07
  • British Pounds rates calculated for March 2011.
  • Note: In case you hadn't worked it out from the numbers, the larger purchases give you a better ratio of points to cash, so in order to maximize your points it is better to save up and buy in bulk, rather than buy repeated small amounts.

Spending GP

Redeem Points

Use the 'Redeem Points' link at the top left of the GL Interface Header to open up the popup window. This will give you a variety of ways to spend your galaxypoints.png GP.

  • Get 1000 Research Points research.png RP for 15 galaxypoints.png GP
  • Get a Random Artifact for 10 galaxypoints.png GP
  • Shop the Artifact Market - you can snag certain Artifacts that are only available from spending galaxypoints.png GP including ones available only during seasonal events.

Galaxy Wheel

Galaxy Wheel image

There are 10 possible outcomes provided by spending 10 galaxypoints.png GP to spin the Galaxy Wheel. youtube

The best outcome wins you 20 more Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP.

The next best outcome (Alien head) wins you 5 Rank Points.

The remaining 8 outcomes involve winning credits credits.png CR, based on your current rank [1].

  • Formula [2]: Rank * Rank * 500 * Galaxy Wheel muliplier

Available Galaxy Wheel multipliers: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x, 20x, 50x

Change your Race and Profession

You can change your Race and Profession in a variety of ways.

When you initiate a Race change, both Race and Profession are changed in tandem - you can not directly only change your Profession.

Abandoning Planets

You can spend 5 Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP to abandon a planet you occupy.

The number of planets you can occupy is limited by your current rank. Thus, you may wish to abandon a planet of lesser value in order to take a more valuable one. Also, the amount of credits credits.png CR required to colonize or invade new planets increases with every planet owned. Abandoning your worst planets can help manage those costs.

To abandon a planet .. link to GL Interface Planets Tab

When you abandon a planet, all Structures on the planet are demolished, but subsequent owners may be able to utilize any remaining Planetary Effects. Abandoning a planet does not remove the planet from your database.

There is a 12 hour timer between abandons. The Paradox Generator is the only way to adjust the Abandon Timer.

According to the developer [3]: "I want colony choice to be strategic. A large legion can likely see many shares per day. Without a cooldown a single player could dominate all the decent shares that get thrown around without having to plan or worry."

Legion Missions

navigate to GL Interface Missions Tab

Change Remaining Time for 8 galaxypoints.png GP - can extend or reduce the timer by 1 hour

  • Change the amount of remaining time for this Mission, up to a 50% change from its original duration. Costs 8 GP per hour of adjustment.

Skip This Mission for 19 galaxypoints.png GP

  • Skip this legion mission, and allow for a new (and different) one to be chosen. Note: 2 missions cannot be skipped in a row.

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