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Now the first thing you will notice is the interface, split up into 3 sections. The Header, Main Menu, and Tab Window.



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Left Side of Header

On the far left of the header, you can see the mini Galaxy Legion logo displayed. Below that you can see a clock icon, that you can click to toggle a display of the current Galactic Server Time which you can use to co.ordinate with other players around the world.

To the right of the GL logo, your Energy, Hull and Shield bars are displayed, with your amount of Galaxy Points or galaxypoints.png GP directly below. The 'Redeem Points' link opens a popup, where you can spend Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP on various game benefits. Most players use the subsequent 'Buy Artifacts' button at the bottom of the popup to access the Artifact Market. You can also click on the 'Get More Points' button at the top of the popup in order to buy galaxypoints.png GP for real-world currency.

Center Area of Header

Near the center of the header, your Rank is displayed, with rank in symbol form below. Below the rank info, you can see 4 links to other reference and help information: Forum, Help, Credits, and Terms.


Clicking on the Forum link opens the official Galaxy Legion Forum in another tab. New forum account requests are currently backlogged, but you can still search and browse the contents for reference.


Clicking on Help opens a popup with 4 tabs:

  • 'How to Play' gives a general guide of the gameplay elements, with links to this wiki (currently broken, but the developer has been notified)
  • 'Wiki & Forum' provides additional links to the wiki and forum main pages
  • 'Account Reset' is where you can reset your player account back to the initial rank 1 state, allowing you to choose your Race and Profession again, but wiping out any progress currently made in the game.
  • 'In-Game Support' is where you can send the developer a message regarding General Issues, Terms of Service (TOS) Violations, or Suggestions

Change your Race and Profession

You can change your Race and Profession in a variety of ways.

When you initiate a Race change, both Race and Profession are changed in tandem - you can not directly only change your Profession.


Copyright © 2009-2016

Development/Design: Dan Montgomery
Graphics: Dan Montgomery
Planets: Various planets captured with Celestia

Special Thanks: Chris Knauer, Kuren Charles, Susan Mitchell


Terms opens up another tab with the Galaxy Legion terms of service.

Right Side of Header

At the far right, the Experience bar is displayed, with the amount of Experience required to Rank up. Directly under the Experience bar is how many Credits you currently have, and below that, the amount of Research Points research.png RP you currently have.

At the bottom right side of the header, there are toggle links to turn the background animation and/or music either on or off.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is displayed immediately below the header, and goes across the entire screen. This menu consists of tabs for: News, Ship, Planets, Legion, Missions, Battle, Trade, and Research.

When you click on each of the tabs, the Window below the Main Menu will change to match. This is where all the info of a section of the main window is shown. The Header and Main Menu (and Legion Comm, if available), remain in their positions at all times.

Legion Comm

If you are a member of a Legion, you will also get a Legion Comm banner across the bottom of the screen. You can click on 'Open Legion Comm' or 'Hide Legion Comm' in the bottom left to toggle the Legion Comm in or out. The Legion Comm can be resized larger or smaller using the 'grip' slider at the top center. The Legion Comm also has its own scroll bar, and any comms which have scrolled out of range can be accessed via the Comm Archive on the GL Interface Legion Tab.

Galaxy Legion Interface

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