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Buy and sell goods on the market. Gather Mining Points and Artifact Points as your Planets produce resources over time (distributed once an hour).


Trade Tab Window

Top of Trade Tab Window

At the top of the Trade Tab Window, you will see a countdown timer 'Next In: XX:XX ' for your next Planetary Production Output. This timer is concurrent with the countdown timer on the GL Interface Research Tab. When that time comes, you will receive your hourly Shipment of Artifact Points, Mining Points, and Research Points.

Artifact Points are not Artifacts. Mining Points are not Minerals. But they can become so ...

Below the countdown timer, you can see the production rates from your Planets for your current hourly Mining Points and Artifact Points. In the center, you can see your 'Total Planet Capacity' for Mining Points and Artifact Points, as well as any Mining Points or Artifact Points on hand. Artifact Points Storage capacity increases by 1000 per planet owned, while Mining Points Storage increases by 500 per planet owned.


When you have Mining Points available, you can click 'Receive Minerals Shipment'. This immediately turns those Mining Points into actual Minerals, which you can see if you have the Minerals Tab open (see next section for details). The distribution of minerals you get is based on your Rank, and the distribution skews toward the higher value minerals the higher your rank becomes. For further details, see the Minerals page.

When you have Artifact Points available, you can click 'Receive Artifact Shipment' on the left side and those Artifact Points will be transformed into actual Common Artifacts. When receiving an artifact shipment, you will get a single artifact by default. If you click the checkbox beside 'All', before clicking 'Receive Artifact Shipment', as many artifacts will be delivered as possible, up to a maximum of 500 per shipment, and limited by your available Cargo space.

A popup will appear, indicating 'You acquire 500 Artifact(s)', followed by the listing of Artifacts. You can click the 'Close' button to shrink the shipment popup (or toggle to restore it). Once your Artifact Points have dropped below 4000, the 'All' checkbox will disappear and you will have to resume collect artifacts one at a time. If you click on the 'Receive Artifact Shipment' when you have less than 250 Artifact Points (the lowest value Common Artifact), you will receive the following message: "Not enough artifact points yet to acquire a significant find."

Available Cargo space is displayed below the 'Receive Artifact Shipment' button. If you run out of Cargo space, you will have to sell minerals or artifacts in order to receive further shipments.

Resource Points Storage

As stated earlier, the 'Total Planet Capacity' for Mining Points and Artifact Points is limited by the number of Planets that you own. This capacity can be increased by building Resource Storage Structures on your Planets. To see how much extra capacity is added, you can hover over the blue question marks beside the Minerals and Artifacts in the top left of the tab. The tooltips display the following messages:

"When receiving an artifact shipment, you will get a single artifact. The more points you have accumulated, the higher the chance of receiving a rarer and more powerful artifact.

XX Additional Artifact Storage Received from Planet Structures"

"When receiving a shipment of minerals, the current number of units will be c0nverted into actual minerals and put directly in your cargo

XX Additional Mining Storage Received from Planet Structures"

To get the overall Artifact Points Storage capacity, add up the Additional Artifact Storage from the tooltip to the Total Planet Capacity displayed in the central column.

To get the overall Mining Points Storage capacity, add up the Additional Mining Storage from the tooltip to the Total Planet Capacity displayed in the central column.

Main Trade Tab Window

Minerals Tab

Artifacts Tab

Special Tab

Trade Center Tab

You can send Minerals or Artifacts to members of your Legion to help them out.

You can share UNSTACKED artifacts. These are posted on your facebook page for any friends to access. If you can set the posting to only yourself, you can share the link with a more targeted group.

You can see how many Special Items, and Combat Badges you have in cargo, and how much space they are taking up (if any). You can also view the markets that use special materials, including the Prismodyne Energy Network, Uldrinan Market, Raix Market, the Mission Market and the Corruption Market.

You can access the Galactic Trading Center to either bid on artifacts auctioned by other players, or sell your own artifacts at auction.

Galaxy Legion Interface

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