Uldrinan Market

This market is made visible upon use of the Uldrinan Trade Pact. It can be accessed from the Special Section of the Trade Tab. However, you can only purchase items from this market only after switching to the Uldrinan Race.

To purchase artifacts from this market one uses Uldri Trade Credits uldricred.png, uldricreds.png, acquired using the Uldrinan race's Uldrinan Quota ability (gives 2 Uldri Trade Credits every 20 hours).

Artifact Description Individual Cost
(Uldri Trade Credits)
Total Cost
(Uldri Trade Credits)
Uldri Spacial Folder

Planet Structure - Size:1, Research:2, Artifact:1, Mining:1, Cloak:300

Can only be built on planets with an "Uldri Spacial Marker". Limit 1 per planet. (Each player can only build 10 Uldri Spacial Markers)

3 30
(for 10)
Uldri Crystal Field

Planet Structure - Size:1, Defense:1000, Production:+5%

Can only be built on planets with an "Uldri Anomaly Crystal". Limit 1 per planet. (Each player can only build 10 Uldri Anomaly Crystals)

5 50
(for 10)
Uldri Power Node

Planet Structure - Size:1, Research:1, Artifact:+5%

Limit 1 per planet.

6 n/a
Uldrinan Henxicant

Device - Size:30, Scan:50, Shields:100, Hull:120

Max - Size:30, Scan:200, Shields:400, Hull:480

If this device is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 30%, up to 300%. When fully upgraded, it provides a 2% scanning bonus.

12 132
(10 upgrades)

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