Prismodyne Energy Network

This market is available upon installing Porowyn, The Adept, a ship ally gained from the Destiny Discovered medal. It can be accessed from the Special Section of the Trade Tab, but nothing will appear for sale in the market until you have finished ranking Porowyn, The Adept.

To purchase artifacts from this market one uses Prismodyne_Energy gained from the rank 100 Porowyn, The Adept ability, Adept Teachings. Artifacts appear in the market when you unlock the various Radiant Teachings medals.

Unlocked by Artifact Description Cost
(Prismodyne Energy)
Total Cost
(Prismodyne Energy)
Adept Teachings
Prismodyne Academy

Planet Structure - Size:1, Mining:7, Research:7, Artifact:7

Also provides a 7% production bonus. Limit: 5 per prismatic planet. Requires 2,100 Medal Points

10 50
Adept Teachings
Prismatic Drone

Device - Size:40, Scan:250, Cloak:250, Shield:500

If this is already installed on your ship, this will upgrade its stats by 10% up to a maximum of 100%. C0nverts to Phase 2 when fully completed.
Requires 2,300 Medal Points

11 121
Adept Teachings
Prismoda Ambassador

Sends an Ambassador from Prismoda to assist your planet, boosting all production by 6%. The planet must have a Government Official stationed on it to use.

Requires 2,300 Medal Points

6 unlimited
Adept Teachings
Bahreen Spacial Margin

Opens a region of extra-dimensional space shared with the Bahreen. Expands the space of your Prismatic Planet by 10%. if this affect is already active on your Planet, this instead upgrades the bonus by 5%, up to a total bonus of 50%.

Requires 2,400 Medal Points

10 90
Wisdom of the Ages medal realitytranscender.png
Reality Transcender

Upgrades an existing analyzed effect on your planet to a greater version of itself. Other than small moons, the Transcender can only be used once per effect. It cannot be used on a Reactive Barrier.

Requires 2,700 Medal Points

12 unlimited

Wisdom of the Ages medal prismutagen.gif
Prismodyne Gene Splicer

Evolves a random Government Official on your planet to a better version of themselves. On rare occasions, an Official will transcend into a Surrogate or a Celestial.

Requires 2,800 Medal Points

2 unlimited

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