Corruption Market

"Your dependency on the Oruas Eye grows stronger..."

This market is available after using the Oruas Eye Deeper Bond ability from The Oruas Eye (ally) and gaining Corruption. Corruption Market artifacts are listed in order of the missions of the Corruption Chain.

Artifact Description Cost corruption.png (Corruption) Total Cost (Corruption) Mission Completion Required
Will of the Eye

Allows The Oruas Eye (ally) to produce an additional vision, and lowers its primary cooldown by 4 hours. 30 90 Corrupted Influence
Dark Command Alcove Upgrade

Upgrades an existing Lutuma Command Module on your planet to a Dark Command Alcove doubling its bonuses and resetting its charges to full.
  • Requires 1400 Medal Points
4 80 Vision of Oruas
Corrupted Edifice

Planet structure. Size: 1, Artifact:1, Cloak: +20%. Also provides 2,000 artifact storage
  • Requires 1900 Medal Points
5 unlimited Hoigra's Disclosure
Caustic Membrane

Ship Module. Size: 40 Hull: 400 Upgrades by 50% up to 200% max. Unlocks a passive ability (Increases scrap rewards by 11%) when fully upgraded.
  • Requires 2100 Medal Points
9 45 Chamber of Lies
Corrupted Base Schematics

Changes your base's appearance. Also permanently adds 60 defense and 250 attack to the base.
  • Requires 2200 Medal Points
4 unlimited The Great Plot

Other Uses for Corruption

Artifact Description Cost (Corruption) Total Cost (Corruption)
Oruas Predictive Disjector Upgrade to Oruas Corrupted Disjector 2 80
Essence of the Arbilon Upgrade (3 upgrades to max) 6 120

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