The Oruas Eye (ally)

oruaseye2.png The Oruas Eye is an ally that is available after completing the mission, The Lutuma Coup.

When this ally is first hired it starts at rank 1 and has a max rank of 100. To rank this ally, you must use its Bond ability (costs 200 ctp and 300 energy, 20 hour cooldown). Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (2%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

Upkeep for The Oruas Eye begins at 4.5 billion Credits at rank 1 and rises 2% with each rank, so a rank 100 Oruas Eye will cost 13.4 billion in upkeep each day.

Initial Stats

Rank 1: Defense +90 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Energy +80 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Scan +70 (Before Rank Bonus)

Unlockable Stats

Rank 30: Cloak +60 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 60: All Shield +5% (NO Rank Bonus)

Rank 100: Ability: The Eye comes with 2 abilities: Oruas Eye Deeper Bond (available immediately) in the Player Abilities tab, and The Oruas Eye (after 40 hour cooldown) in the Module Abilities tab.

1. Oruas Eye Deeper Bond: "The Oruas Eye glows and prepares another vision..." Resets the cooldown for The Oruas Eye. No energy cost. Adds 1 Corruption. 40 hour cooldown. Note: Each Corruption currently takes up 500 space in your ship cargo and also opens up a Corruption Market.

2. The Oruas Eye: "The Eye has produced a prophetic vision." Reveals one of many visions that influences your future. Costs 500 energy. 40 hour cooldown. Cooldown timer can be reset using the Oruas Eye Deeper Bond ability, but you can only have 1 vision at a time: "You must fulfill one of your current prophecies before the Eye will grant another."

Visions To Date:

Upon reaching rank 100, the Oruas Eye starts out with 4 different types of visions:

  • Vision of Bounty: On your next successful base raid, you will receive an additional, special item along with your Base Crate. The item can either be an Adumbrate Station Upgrade or a Continuum Parser Upgrade. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you make a successful base raid.
  • Vision of Conquering: Your next invasion attempt will roll twice and succeed if either of the 2 outcomes are successful. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you make an invasion attempt.
  • Vision of Prosperity: You are guaranteed to experience a planetary event within the next 24 hours, in addition to any other possible events that may occur normally. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you experience a planetary event.
  • Vision of Adventure: When completing your next legion mission task, you will receive 3 relic badges in addition to your reward. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you complete a legion mission task. (when initially released, if you have made any progress on a legion mission task before getting this vision, the vision would not apply to the current task, and instead carried on until the next legion mission task was completed - there have been reports that this has been adjusted)

After attaining 50 corruption and the artifact awarded from the Dark Influence medal, you can then unlock the Mission Chain which begins with the mission Corrupted Influence. This leads to an item that will eventually be placed in the market called The Will of the Eye. This item can be used three times, each time dropping The Oruas Eye ability timer by 4 hours (not the Deeper Bond) and unlocking one the following visions:

  • Vision of Time: When completing your next Daily Mission, the timer for that mission will immediately reset. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you complete a Daily Mission.

first report 17may2016 (Corruption Market required):

  • Vision of Discovery: Your next scan of a massive (or larger) planet will provide an additional 2% scanning boost for 30 minutes. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you scan the required planet.
  • Your prophecy is fulfilled, and your ship gains a "Fleeting Discovery" boost

first report 20June2016 (Corruption Market required):

  • Vision of Duty: When completing your next daily mission, you will also receive 2 Corruption. Duration: 3 days, but expires when you complete the daily mission.

Bonus Type Rank 1 (+0% Bonus) Rank 30 (+60% Bonus) Rank 60 (+120% Bonus) Rank 100 (+198% Bonus)
Defense 90 142 196 268
Energy 80 126 174 238
Scan 70 111 153 209
Cloak NONE 95 131 179
Shield NONE NONE +5% +5%
Far Sight Ability NONE NONE NONE Far Sight

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ally starts at Rank 1 without a 2% bonus, the Ally only reaches 198% bonus at rank 100

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