Mission Chains

Several of the missions in Galaxy Legion are arranged in "chains" of 2 or more missions. You must finish these missions in order, each mission unlocks the next mission in the chain once it is "Finished" (completed so that it goes away).

Most chains begin as fortnightly "story missions". While the new ones are active you can complete them in the "wrong" order, ignoring or only partially completing some or all of the missions. When they are later archived and added to the "normal" mission list, you will be required to complete the missions in their proper order (e.g. if you have finished the third mission, you still have to do the first and second to unlock the fourth).

All progress in fortnightly missions is saved when they are archived, so you cannot finish any of the missions twice (if you finished a mission while it was an active story mission, you will skip it next time you come to that chain).

Amounts shown are the totals for finishing the missions. Requirements marked with "?" indicate that there may be a requirement apart from completing the previous mission, i.e. certain amount of NPC kills, certain amount of Scan, etc. Requirements or Enemies Faced marked with "-" indicate no needed amount of Scan/Cloak, etc., or no NPCs at the end of each completion.

Unlockable Player Race Mission Chains

Unlockable Player Race Mission Chains

Non-Race Mission Chains

Non-Race Mission Chains

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