Corrupted Edifice

Unextractable Structure: This artifact (in structure form) can NOT be extracted from a planet using a Mylarai Build Extractor.
Care should be taken when using this artifact to ensure that you are using it effectively.

Market Artifact


Builds a Corrupted Edifice on your planet.

Available from: The Corruption Market upon completion of the mission Hoigra's Disclosure.

Artifact Type: Planet Structure
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in in energy to use:
Cost in Corruption: 5
Medal Point Requirement: 1,900
Artifact Effects:

Size: 1
Artifact: +1
Cloak: +20%
Artifact Points Storage: 2000


* Can NOT be extracted with a Mylarai Build Extractor.

Artifact Limit: 1 per planet
Number Available: Unlimited
Upgrades With: None
Scraps for: 1 - 1 Complex Tech Parts
Share: No
Send: No

*NOTE: When placing one of these on a planet, you must click out of the planet and click it again in order for your overall storage capacity to update.

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