Mylarai Build Extractor


NPC-Dropped Artifact


Allows the extraction of 1 special structure from a planet, so it can be built elsewhere.

Available from: The rank matched Uncommon NPC known as the Mylarai Extractor

Artifact Type: Player tool
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: 10
Artifact Effects:

Removes 1 artifact structure from a planet so it can be re-used on another planet
Restrictions:  See below notes for specific restrictions

Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 22.5K - 90K CR
Share: No
Send: No

Normal Use

Most Special Buildings (click for full list) can be extracted as they are, the following lists show the exceptions to this rule and the effects of extraction on certain upgraded/variable buildings.

Extractable but will REVERT

Note: List of known structures which WILL REVERT to the original state when extracted:

Extractable but will NOT REVERT

Note: List of known structures which WILL KEEP the upgraded state when extracted:


  • SEE INDIVIDUAL STRUCTURE wiki pages for extractability. The following list will no longer be updated and is just retained for forum references.
  • Any special structure showing "NONE" in the description cannot be extracted until you have completed the relevant missions
  • Percentage upgrades to researched structures cannot be extracted, as the original researched structures were never extractable
  • NOTE: If you mistakenly place a structure that is NOT extractable on a planet, you only have 48 hours to contact support to get it removed and returned to your cargo.

Note: List of known structures which CANNOT be extracted: (Click here for the game developer's reasons).

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