Adaptive Spire


Artifact: Adaptive Spire
Artifact Type: Structure
Artifact Target: Your Planet
Install Cost: Unknown
Install Limit: Unknown
Aquire From: Unknown
Aquire Cost: Unknown
Aquire Limit: 20
Activation Cost: None
Activation Period: Unknown
Activation Limit: Unknown
Sendable: No
Sharable: No
Scrapable: Yes 4 - 8 parts.png CTP

Artifact Market

Structure: Adaptive Spire
Size 1
Structure Limit 2
Extractable Yes
Resource Production
Mining None, 1, or 2
Artifact None, 1, or 2
Research None, 1, or 2
Attack None
Defense None
Cloak None
Population None
Invasion Defense None

Mission Reward Artifact

A strange reactive structure that adapts to the planet environment. Provides a resource bonus based on the type of planet it is built on.

Available from: the rank 20 mission A Station Adrift

Artifact Type: Planet Structure
Set Duration: Instant, Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Artifact Effects:

Size: 1
Adaptive Resource Bonus:  See table below

Artifact Limit: 2 per planet
Number Available: 20
Alternate Uses: None Scraps for: 4 - 8 parts.png CTP
Share: No
Send: No

Production Bonus by Planet Type
(bonus is kept even if the planet is later transformed into a different planet type)
Planet Type Mining Artifact Research
Aphotic +2
Barren +2
Chthonian +1 +1 +1
Crystal +2
Demon +2
Desert +2
Dyson +1 +1 +1
Ecumenopolis +2
Exotic +1 +1 +1
Gaia +2
Gas +2
Icy +2
Irradiated +2
Luminous +1 +1 +1
Metallic +2
Oceanic +2
Plasma +2
Rift +1 +1 +1
Sentient +2
Terra +2
Toxic +2
Volcanic +2

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