Bainar, Systems Cracker

darkabally.png Bainar, Systems Cracker is an ally that can be bought from the Battle Market for 300 Blue Badges, if you have also earned 900 Medal Points (scrap value 38 to 75 ctp; 500 energy to install). Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (2%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

When this ally is first hired it starts at rank 1 and has a max rank of 100. To rank this ally, you need to use its Training ability. The Training ability costs 10 Blue Badges and has a 20 hour cooldown timer. Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (2%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

Upkeep for Bainar begins at 100 million Credits at rank 1 and rises 2% with each rank, so a rank 100 Bainar will cost 298 million in upkeep each day.

Initial Stats

Rank 1: Energy +60 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Cloak +60 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Hull +120 (Before Rank Bonus)

Unlockable Stats

Rank 30: Scan +60 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 60: All Hack +15% (fixed, no rank bonus)

Rank 100: Ability: Core Access - allows the installation of a Bainar Access Node on a planet. Each use of the ability costs 500 energy and requires a 40 hour cooldown before each use (including the first one !).

Bainar, Systems Cracker Ranks

Bonus Type Rank 1 (+0% Bonus) Rank 30 (58% Bonus) Rank 60 (+119% Bonus) Rank 100 (+198% Bonus)
Energy 60 95 131 179
Cloak 60 95 131 179
Hull 120 190 263 358
Scan NONE 95 131 179
All Hack +15% NONE NONE All Hack +15% All Hack +15%
Ability: Core Access NONE NONE NONE Core Access

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ally starts at Rank 1 without a 2% bonus, the Ally only reaches 198% bonus at rank 100

Bainar Access Nodes



* CAN NOT be extracted with a Mylarai Build Extractor.

10 Types of Bainar Access Nodes are planetary structures available at random:

Structure Bonus
  A-Node - Basic  Artifact: 1
  A-Node - Advanced  Artifact: 2
  A-Node - Prime  Artifact: 3
  M-Node - Basic  Mining: 1
  M-Node - Advanced  Mining: 2
  M-Node - Prime  Mining: 3
  R-Node - Basic  Research: 1
  R-Node - Advance  Research: 2
  R-Node - Prime  Research: 3
  X-Node  Mining: 1,  Research: 1,  Artifact: 1

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