Hoigra's Disclosure

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Daily Mission Briefing

Mission Image: hoigra.jpg

I almost gave up trying to contact you on our prior secure channel. Thank you for finally responding. Please tell me that the fleet heading in our direction isn't poised for an attack...? This situation has Oruas quite worried.

Mission Dialogue

What's going on, Commander?
I should not even be speaking to you...

But you answered. You remembered me from before.
Yes. Your assistance saved many lives. I didn't forget.

I don't believe I formally introduced myself before. I am Hoigra, new leader of Oruas.
You put a lot of trust in me, Hoigra. I felt it was only right to let you know.

Hoigra: Let me know what?
Look, what has been set in motion likely can't be undone.

Hoigra: So, it's true. Your government is preparing an attack...
We saw a vision of your people attacking us first. We're trying to change the outcome.

Hoigra: Ridiculous! The Eye is clearly manipulating you! We would never think of such an action. It would be suicide.
It's far past that now. The entire leadership is heavily influenced by the visions.

Hoigra: No. We have to stop this. My people have just begun to rebuild our new lives. We don't want to lose everything.
I wish I could. This is all moving quickly out of my control.

Hoigra: Curious... The Eye should have already sensed your shift in loyalty. Odd.
I don't want to harm the Eye. I just don't trust this decision for war.

Hoigra: Yes, but... there's something different about you. The Eye should have seen this. There should have been a vision of betrayal.
I'm not a betrayer. I'm... conflicted.

Hoigra: I've seen this before. You may be in the early stages.
What are you talking about?

Hoigra: There's something you should know... a bit of detail we didn't mention when we spoke the first time. It could explain all of this.
Tell me.

Hoigra: Prior to the Eye retreating to the Kassivar, the rebellion was very close to capturing it.
How close?

Hoigra: One of the Eye Chamber seers began to manifest a special ability. She could... refine the visions somewhat... change details about what the other seers saw. Furthermore, the Eye had difficulty seeing this coming.
How do you know this?

Hoigra: Because that seer is my mother.
Did she know you were part of the rebellion?

Hoigra: Yes, and she managed to keep it from the leadership for a bit of time.
What stopped you from obtaining it?

Hoigra: The Eye began to produce more aggressive and elaborate visions, which were harder to manipulate. Eventually, my mother was discovered and imprisoned.
And yet you still managed to succeed.

Hoigra: By that point, dissent was growing at such a pace that it was only a matter of time before the Eye was destroyed. You know the rest.
And you think I possess a similar ability?

Hoigra: In an early form. The Eye seems to have difficulties incorporating predictions around those during the initial development of this ability, though we're not sure why. It would also explain why you have not been consumed by the corruption like the rest of your government.
I don't feel any different.

Hoigra: Not yet. When you finally do, the Eye will not be far behind. It will do whatever it takes to eliminate you... as it's trying to do again with my mother.
Where is she now?

Hoigra: Safe in the Oruas Capitol. She's lucky to be alive.
Someone with her skills would be of great use to us right now.

Hoigra: I don't like the idea of putting her in harm's way, but I see no other choice. If we do nothing, none of the Lutuma will survive the assault.
Will her ability still work, now that it has bonded with us?

Hoigra: Yes. As far as we know, a bond lasts for as long as the host survives.
That would certainly explain the Eye's current motives.

Hoigra: Are you still in control of the Eye Chamber?
For now.

Hoigra: Then hope is not lost. If we both rendezvous with your ship, we could get her to the chamber before the next vision comes.
But my fleet is still advancing.

Hoigra: Our defenses should hold your ships back long enough.
It's going to take a powerfully manipulated vision to turn around the armada.

Hoigra: She'll do it.
And what is the larger plan here? I know your wish is for the Eye to be destroyed.

Hoigra: That is, and will always remain our goal. But, my priority is to save my people, despite what happens to the Eye. The fate of it is up to you.
I... I am not yet ready to decide what will happen to the Eye, but I am willing to help halt this attack.

Hoigra: Good. If your leaders question your movements, just tell them that you are seeking clarity from the next vision.
Get to the rendezvous as soon as you can.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the mission Vision of Oruas.
Un-gray Requirements: 4000 Decks. (Sillixx bonus opens mission at 3636 decks according to this forum post).
Per Round Requirements: 600 Energy, 1 Android Scientist
Per Round Rewards: 50 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Lutuma Vision Shaper

Per Round Risks: Corruption Penalty: If this mission is NOT on cooldown during your next upkeep, your ship takes a -40% attack bonus for 20 hours. This effect will be removed the next time you complete this mission.

  • "You notice the Oruas Eye gazing back at you..." Oruas Eye: Punishing Gaze : Attack -40% Duration: 20 hours.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 600 Energy, 1 Android Scientist
Rewards: 50 XP
XP Return Ratio: 0.0833
  • 15 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 9,000 Energy, 15 Android Scientists
Rewards: 750 XP, 1 Lutuma Vision Shaper
  • 26 Completions / Finish
Requirements: 234,000 Energy, 390 Android Scientists
Rewards: 19,500 XP, 26 Lutuma Vision Shapers 1 Corrupted Schematics upon full completion.

This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and unlocks a new mission after 26 completions.

  • Lutuma Vision Shaper: [Device - Size 50: Defense:100 Cloak:50 Scan:40]. If already on your ship, this will upgrade its stats by 20%, to a maximum of 500%. Unlocks an ability when fully upgraded. Scrap Value (ea): 6 - 13 Complex Tech Parts.

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