Space Entities

Primarily a type of non-player enemy specializing in Enemy Blockades with the notable exception of the Xathe Vortex Entity.

A few additional notes on this for clarification:

  • Although they may produce a variety of effects, these NPCs do not attack or invade planets.
  • NPCs can only be targeted by the current planet controller and anyone the NPC was alerted to, if it is a boss or elite NPC.
  • If the planet is abandoned or invaded while it is blockaded, the NPC will be removed from the planet, but it can still be targeted and disabled from the planet's previous owner's Battle tab.
  • Alerting an NPC that is blockading a planet will only alert the NPC itself - the planet will NOT be alerted in the process.
  • An NPC can find and blockade any planet, including ones that are invincible and/or heavily cloaked.
  • In addition to these Space Entities, also see T.O. HyperSeeker, a blockade NPC which is affiliated with The Terran Outsiders.





Extremely Rare


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