Legion Missions

Introduced in the game update of 22feb2013, Legion Missions are similar to standard missions, but have a much more diverse variety of requirements for completion and require more group planning as a Legion.

Legion Missions become available after constructing the Mission Control Center. (Level 4+ base required). Legions should wait until they have at least 15 active members before installing the module, as there are no missions currently available for legions smaller than 15.

Note: Legions must also have a minimum average rank of at least 80-100 for a mission to show, Carthyne Symposium requires 200+ average legion rank.

Once a Mission Control Center is constructed, a LOYAL (active in a legion for at least 7 days) legion member can start a new mission from the actions tab within the legion base. Missions are randomly picked from the pool of missions available to the legion. Larger and/or higher ranked legions will be eligible for a bigger pool of missions. Once the mission has begun, it will be available via both the Base ‘Actions’ tab, as well as the main ‘Missions’ tab.



All missions are broken up into multiple tasks. There are usually three tasks, but some have additional bonus tasks with higher eligibility requirements. Legion members can choose to join a certain task, but they may only join one task per mission, and they cannot change tasks once one is chosen. Since missions are randomly assigned and will always stay in the pool of available missions, players will always be able to have a go at each of the tasks available - eventually.

The legion should decide carefully which members should be devoted to which tasks, based on the task’s requirements, capabilities of the ships, and to ensure a good level of participation in all tasks. The more players that are successful in completing their respective tasks, the higher the chances that the overall mission will "succeed"; Legions need to ensure that an even number of players therefore complete every one of the mission tasks, if they want the mission to succeed. For example, if most of a legion complete only one or two of the tasks, and ignore a third task, the mission will likely fail overall. Successful missions grant additional rewards for all players that took part AND completed their task.

Once a member reviews the mission details, comm, and task descriptions, they may join a task by clicking on the ‘Join’ button in the ‘Tasks’ area.

Some details about the task will only be available once a ship has joined, so it's best to communicate with your legion about ships that should join each task first. Information on the various tasks is contained on dedicated pages of the wiki - use the search function or click on the dedicated mission links later on in this page. Legions that manage their members assigned tasks well are far more likely to succeed in their mission attempts.

Temporary Items: Some tasks will issue temporary items when joined. These items will only remain for the length of the mission, at which point they will automatically disappear from ships’ cargo. These items are typically used to progress through the task. The items will also have additional details about their requirements and costs in their descriptions.

Restrictive Tasks: Some tasks have certain race or profession requirements in order to do them. This should be taken into consideration when determining the spread of a legion mission. The table at the bottom of the page shows which tasks have race and profession requirements

Failing Tasks: Some tasks have conditions (either actions you MUST perform first or actions you must NOT perform) that may cause the task to fail. Details in the mission, comm, and/or task description will provide clues as to what these conditions are. Failed tasks cannot be restarted during the current mission, and will not count towards the overall success chance. Players will also receive no reward, either from the task, nor from the legion managing to successfully complete their mission. It is therefore important, both for players and the legion as a whole, to ensure no one fails a task.

  • Note: Leaving a legion will automatically fail a task, even if the task has been completed.
  • Note: Leaving a legion and failing a task subtracts any progress that ship has made, which can affect certain legion missions that require a number of progress to start other tasks. In the example of Encounter at Nabai, 200 drones must be disabled in order to start task 2 without failing. If a legion has exactly 200 drones disabled and a ship on task 1 leaves the legion, 170 drones are now disabled instead of 200 and those signing up and trying task 2 will now automatically fail.

Mission Success:

Once a legion mission has run through its timer, the current success chance will be used to determine if the mission fails or succeeds. Successful missions will either issue Relic Badge relicbadge2.png or some other artifact as rewards to all ships with completed (and non-failed) tasks. If applicable, the mission will indicate if there are other events that occur after success or failure (some missions form chains, with certain missions only available if another mission has previously been successful).

Depending on the number of available ships to participate in tasks (based on the size of the legion, time remaining, etc), the strategy for maximizing the chances of success will vary. For example, a default strategy might be to divide ships evenly between available tasks. But some missions have specific requirements to be met, such as requiring a certain number of NPC's to be destroyed in the first task. Legions may want to focus on ensuring as many people as possible do this first task to ensure enough NPC's are destroyed so that others have a chance to complete the other tasks. Legions should experiment to find the strategies that work best for them. Even if the mission fails, you will eventually get another chance to try something different.

Partially completed tasks count towards the success of a mission, but only completed tasks will issue rewards for the ships completing the specific task. Some legion missions include tasks which are optional - these tasks do NOT contribute to the success or failure of the legion mission [1]. Contributors to these tasks will still be eligible for mission success rewards as if they had participated in a normal task.

Success chance categories range from "Awaiting Participation", "Extremely Low", "Very Low", "Low", "Fair", "High", to "Certain".

Even if the maximum number of ships have completed their tasks, the mission will not end until its timer expires. A legion may choose to alter the remaining time of the mission (either longer or shorter) via the Actions tab, for Galaxy Points or even skip the mission altogether (though you will not be able to skip the subsequent mission), as long as no one has completed a task. These cost real-world money, and are always optional. Doing so however does enable players to gain the Watching the Clock or New Opportunities medals.

Relic Badges:

Legion missions may reward a number of relicbadge2.pngRelic Badges’, which are a new currency for purchasing special items in the Mission Market. Some tasks within missions may also reward relicbadge2.png Relic Badges. Other missions may reward artifacts or modules.

Legion Mission Artifacts

Legion Mission Artifacts are acquired by completing specific legion missions. Some are received per completion, whilst others may only be provided when a mission is totally completed. (Click the Legion Mission Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

List of Known Legion Missions:

Round 1

The initial set of Legion Missions was rolled out to the server on 22feb2013 [2].

Missions are randomized each legion will get one of several missions to complete.

  • Note: some of these legion missions may have a minimum legion average rank requirement before they become available
  • Note: these legion missions require a minimum of 15 legion members [3] before they become available

Round 2

A subsequent batch of Legion missions began rolling out on February 8, 2014 [4]:

  • Note: some of these legion missions may have a minimum number of 30(?) legion members [5] requirement before they become available
  • Note: some of these legion missions may have a minimum legion average rank [6] requirement before they become available

List of Legion Mission Scan Tasks

List of Legion Mission Scan Tasks

Restrictive Legion Mission Tasks

The table below lists all legion mission tasks requiring specific races or professions as well as what the requirements are.

Legion Mission Task Legion Mission Required Races or Professions
Research Hydrodynamic Escape Carthyne Symposium Explorer, Physicist, or Governor
Perform Cybernetic Link Experiments Carthyne Symposium Vygoid, Zolazin, or Genetarr
Construct Galakis Entry Ports Galakis, City of Deals Builder, Fixer, Merchant, or Physicist
Hack into Barrier Grid Illegal Excavation Hacker, Physicist, or Spy
Evacuate Ryelis Non-essentials Disturbance at Ryelis Explorer, Guard, Excavator, or Biologist
Repair Gateway Nexus Pylons The Ardyne Sabotage Builder, Fixer, Physicist, or Saboteur
Hack Into Carjean Carjean: The Heist Hacker
Aerlen Rescue The Cerulean Conclave Aerlen
Return The Artifact To The Bralkir Shrine The Tenebris Discovery (Late Timeline) Spy or Saboteur

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