The Hunt for Mawks: Offworld Pursuit



Mission Briefing

Standard Mission Length: 4 days

Lady Mawks managed to narrowly escape capture during the last mission. Though she evaded pursuit, some of her goons may still be in range.

  • Note: This is a Phase 2 legion mission which is automatically initiated upon successful completion of the opening legion mission The Hunt for Mawks.

Rewards (If Sucessful): 5 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks) Phase 3 of this mission (The Hunt for Mawks: Showdown in Taladar) will automatically begin.

Comm Log

Did you get a look at her?
For a brief moment. She severely injured three of my team as she fled. I have no idea how her weapons were not detected.

The Casino is not sure either. She made it through two blast doors during the lockdown. The security footage is quite amazing.
Were you able to track her egress?

Mawks escaped on an unregistered speeder. We had 7 cruisers in pursuit, but her ship was too fast. We couldn't disable it before she got out of range.

The pulses did alert us to another Vetheral, however. He was spotted by a security officer a few buildings away. His name is Karid. We pulled his records. It seems he has had quite a few overlapping contacts with Lady Mawks.
He’s in custody?

Any idea on what he was doing here?

He was carrying a morphogenic sac, most likely to give it to Mawks at some point. Vetheral spies use them to smuggle things inside their bodies undetected. It is a custom design... looks like it was made specifically for Mawks. Needless to say these are highly illegal.
Can I speak with him?

Of course. I'll open a secure channel. One moment.

Karid: What? Who are you?
Hello Karid. That is quite a nice shape you’re holding.

Karid: I've done nothing wrong. I demand to see a representative.
Were you here on Vearon to see Mawks?

Karid: ... Never heard of her.
I never said it was a she.

Karid: I have nothing to say. I'm here on vacation, trying to relax... and now I'm being harassed.
Vacation? Can you explain what you were doing with this sac, then?

Karid: I'm not sure. It was a gift.
This kind of contraband can put you away for quite some time.

Karid: ...
A long, long time. I heard they keep Vetheral convicts in very uncomfortable shapes on the nearby prison colony.

Karid: ...
We can pretend we never saw it. We’ll let you get back to your… vacation… easy as that.

Karid: What do you want?
We just want to know what you were really doing on Vearon, and why you were planning to meet Lady Mawks.

Karid: I was just here to deliver some property Mawks was storing while she was put away. You'd have better luck asking her actual goons... if they were still here.
There are others with her?

Karid: There were. I assumed you knew. Your little disruption caused quite a stir. They scattered like insects.
Were they in ships like hers?

Karid: Definitely not like hers. Mawks' ship is a custom prototype from the Dark Smugglers Guild. There's nothing faster. It fits her... she spares no expense.
What about her goons?

Karid: DS-Type Speeders. Cobalt Class, like mine. They may not be as fast, but they won't be easy to find.
We’ll find them. Can you send us your ship schematics? They will help.

Karid: I suppose I don't have a choice.
Not really.

Karid: Fine then. I've answered your questions. Can I go now?
Almost. We may have a few more things to ask during our investigation.

Karid: Don't keep me long. It's no longer safe for me to be here. Mawks has enemies everywhere, and they are always trying to tie up loose ends. I was supposed to be topside by now.

Anything useful?
Mawks had some friends here with her. We may be able to chase them down.

Good. We find them, we'll likely find her.
Let’s hope.

Until they can help us find Mawks, we need them alive.
Should we disable their engines?

Yes. You can use these Arrest Drones. Once their shields are down, just activate them and they will do the rest. There's no need to do any damage beyond that.

End Transmission


Task 1: Arrest Mawks' Accomplices


Lady Mawks' goons escaped at the same time she left. They will likely have information that will lead to her capture.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 300 to start this task.
  • Note 1: DO NOT disable the Cobalt Speeders. You must only take down the shields and use the Arrest Drone on the Cobalt Speeders to prevent failure on task 1.
  • Note 2: it is safe to use artifacts such as EMP's on the Cobalt Speeders. Just don't disable them.

Task Type NPC Hunt
Requires: Place 10 Arrest Drones on 10 Cobalt Speeders
Rewards: 1 Cobalt Drive (on completion)

Task 2: Perform Morphogenic Trace


Allies of Trovar Zane will lead the effort in tracing the origin of the Morphogenic Sac.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 100 to start this task.
  • Note: This task requires Trovar Zane, Elite Tracer to be installed on your ship in order to participate.

Task Type Mission
Requires: 750 energy, 12k Exotic Matter, 20 Longevity Serums (20 rounds)
Completion Requirements: 15,000 energy, 240k Exotic Matter, 400 Longevity Serums

Rewards: 100 xp (per round) and 1 Morphogenic Enhancer (on completion)

Morphogenic Enhancer: Increases a planet's stats at random: artifact availability + 1 OR artifact availability + 2 OR Planet size + 1 Has no effect on planets very massive or larger, or planets with 20X Mega Rich artifact or Higher . (Costs: 750 Energy)

Models of Success

The following table shows the kind of participation/progress shown to get varying types of success chances. Please note, This is a work in progress and data is in process of being collected (see forum topic).

There may be instances where it seems like there is a big gap in the number of ships on a task. This is not necessarily a requirement, only the most current data available. There may also be different combinations of spread that bring these chances. Partial completions also may be factored in these cumulative requirements. Alternate combinations will be recorded and posted as well in an effort to record the minimum amount needed for varying chances.

  • High Success theory:
 task 1 full / equivalent completions : 20
 task 2 full / equivalent completions : x
Success Chance Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3
Task 3
Full Completions Total Completions (equiv) Info Provided By Date Provided
Certain ? ? ? ? N/A N/A ? ? ? ?
High 23 4 22 6 N/A N/A 45 45 Zentzu 14may2018
High 12 15 32 9 N/A N/A 44 44 Zentzu 15feb2020
High 18 0 26 19 N/A N/A 44 44 Zentzu 19jan2019
High 11 11 31 19 N/A N/A 42 43 Zentzu 31oct2019
High 12 7 30 1 N/A N/A 42 42 Zentzu 05sep2019
High 12 8 30 19 N/A N/A 42 42 Zentzu 16apr2019
High 14 11 25 19 N/A N/A 39 40 Zentzu 01jun2019
High 17 30 18 25 N/A N/A 35 38 Zentzu 12may2018
High 17 30 13 0 N/A N/A 30 33 Galaxy Battleships 07jun2018
High 11 11 19 55 N/A N/A 30 33 Zentzu 15apr2019
High 12 0 29 14 N/A N/A 31 31 Zentzu 14jun2019
High 11 26 17 24 N/A N/A 28 31 Zentzu 18aug2018
Fair 16 5 28 0 N/A N/A 44 44 Zentzu 28aug2017
Fair 15 3 26 0 N/A N/A 41 41 Zentzu 26jul2017
Fair 11 7 29 20 N/A N/A 40 41 Zentzu 04sep2019
Fair 12 7 28 0 N/A N/A 40 40 Zentzu 09jan2018
Fair 12 0 27 0 N/A N/A 39 39 Chesterton Royal Asylum 12aug2016
Fair 17 28 18 25 N/A N/A 35 37 Zentzu 12may2018
Fair 10 26 24 45 N/A N/A 34 38 Zentzu 27aug2017
Fair 12 31 21 0 N/A N/A 33 36 Zentzu 25jul2017
Fair 8 23 22 40 N/A N/A 30 34 Chesterton Royal Asylum 10aug2016
Fair 16 1 16 0 N/A N/A 32 32 The Wild Hunt 05nov2015
Fair 13 51 18 25 N/A N/A 31 37 Zentzu 11may2018
Fair 17 18 13 0 N/A N/A 30 31 Zentzu 02jan2017
Fair 11 5 29 1 N/A N/A 30 30 Zentzu 14jun2019
Fair 16 19 13 0 N/A N/A 29 30 Zentzu 22feb2017
Fair 7 31 16 48 N/A N/A 23 28 Chesterton Royal Asylum 10aug2016
Fair 12 12 13 0 N/A N/A 25 26 Zentzu 10mar2017
Fair 10 31 11 18 N/A N/A 21 24 Zentzu 20feb2017
Fair 7 41 11 44 N/A N/A 18 24 Zentzu 11may2018
Fair 7 30 9 0 N/A N/A 16 19 Zentzu 09mar2017
Fair 8 20 8 9 N/A N/A 16 18 Galaxy Defenders 08Dec2016
Fair 0 14 8 33 N/A N/A 8 10 Imminent Darkness 11feb2019

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