Vorean Extinction



Vorea has one of the most diverse biospheres on record. As a protected habitat, it has unmatched scientific and historical significance. Biologists have recently discovered that large numbers of species have been dying off across the planet, and the reason is unknown.

Mission Rewards: 4 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

These are Awarded when the mission time expires, as long as at least 15 legion members complete One task of the mission.

(FAILURE THREAT): This Mission has one or more tasks that may automatically fail, check notes.


(At least 15 members must complete one of these tasks)

Task 1: Perform Specimen Tests

The team will be provided with various specimen samples. Exposing them to external isolated conditions should help identify the issues facing the planet.

  • Note: Must have at least 500 max energy to start this task.

Requires: Use a Vorean Specimen Test Kit on a planet with 1500+ population. 20 Test Kits are provided and each use requires 500 energy. Vorean Specimen Test effect: +30% population for 2 days. Test Kits scrap for 5000-20,000 credits.

Completion Requirements: 10,000 Energy.

Rewards: ZERO xp, Vorean Habitat (1 on Completion) (Size:1, Artifact:1, Mining:1, Population:2000, If you are a Biologist when this is FIRST built it will provide double the Artifact and Mining production)

  • Note: Artifact can be used on shared planets, as well as your own.
  • Note 2: Population boost from Longevity Serum count toward the 1500 population requirement.
  • Note 3: Artifact ability lasts 2 days, thus planets used at the beginning of the mission could be used again before the end of the mission.

Task 2: Construct Biostasis Labs (FAILURE THREAT)

With many species threatened, biostasis laboratories will help a variety of species remain stable during the analysis. The team assigned to this task must remain sterile, and cannot use any engineered viruses until the mission is complete.

Requires: 250 Energy, 5000 Research Points, 2 Longevity Serums per round, 20 rounds per completions.

Completion Requirements: 5,000 Energy, 100,000 Research, 40 Longevity Serums.

Rewards: 400 Experience, Vorean Biostasis Lab (1 on completion)(Size:1, Artifact:1, Research:1, Population +50%, If you are a Biologist when this is FIRST built it will provide double the Artifact and Research production)

  • even if the task has already been completed, use of any engineered viruses as long as the legion mission is active will cause the task to automatically fail.

Task 3: Bioweapon Research

Although the conditions affecting the Vorean habitat are troublesome, we cannot ignore the potential to use some of this information to enhance our current knowledge of bioweapons.

Requires: 400 Energy, 5 Engineered Viruses, 8000 Research Points, 9000 Exotic Matter per round, 15 rounds per completion.

Completion Requirements: 6,000 Energy, 75 Engineered Viruses, 120,000 Research Points, 135,000 Exotic Matter

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 200 to start this task.

Rewards: 600 Experience, Vorean Bio-Ray (1 on completion) [Weapon - Size:15, Invasion Attack:200] Activated Ability (with 2 charges refillable via Galaxy Points): Vorean Biocharge, increases invasion attack by 8% for 1 hour. Limit 2 per ship. Image

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