Velox Thruster

Collective Theory Lab Artifact

Special Module - Size:30, Defense:250, Defense Bonus:+5% (Limit 3 per ship) (Not Sendable, Not Shareable, Action Button = "Build") .

Available from: Collective Theory Lab

Artifact Type: Ship Module
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Artifact Points: N/A
Cost in Galaxy Points: N/A
Cost in Energy to Use: 200
Artifact Effects: Size: 30, Defense: +250, Defense Bonus: +5%
Counter With: None
Alternate Uses: None

Note: You need 100 Android Helmsman and 200 Void Shell artifacts for the making process.

Scraps for: 2 - 4 Complex Tech Parts
Share: No
Send: No
Image: Velox Thruster

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