Collective Theory Lab


Accessing the Collective Theory Lab


After any member of a legion has finished researching Hybrid Theory Dynamics, they will be allowed to construct the Collective Theory Lab, typically shortened to CT Lab, on their Legion Base.

As with other special structures, the CT Lab will unlock a new option in the 'Actions' tab when installed. Only Loyal members who have also finished researching Hybrid Theory Dynamics can use the Lab, via the 'Actions' tab of their legion base.

CT Lab Discoveries

The CT Lab allows the legion to research new discoveries. A discovery allows lab-users to combine common artifacts into newer, more powerful artifacts. Unlike normal research, discoveries are completely random and are intended to be a way for members to constantly spend research points after they have completed most of the tiers.

If a breakthrough is achieved, it will be added to the list of available options in the CT Lab permanently. If a CT Lab is destroyed, legion members lose access to CT Lab artifacts. However, if the CT Lab is subsequently rebuilt on the base, access to the previously discovered CT Lab artifacts is restored.

All discoveries are considered 'rare' and will typically be achieved in 1-2% of attempts. However, this chance becomes more difficult as further discoveries are made. Finding all of the available discoveries will be difficult and require attempts from many members. Attempting a discovery starts at 2000 Research points per attempt. Subsequent discovery attempts will cost more depending on how many discoveries have already been made.

Table of CT-Lab Discovery Costs

Number of CT-Lab Discoveries Cost in Research Points Chance of Discovery
0 2000
1 4000
2 6000
3 8000
4 10000
5 12000
6 14000
7 16000
8 18000
9 20000
10 22000
11 24000
12 26000
13 28000
14 30000 Ultra Difficult
15 32000
16 34000
17 36000 Near Impossible
18 38000
19 40000
20 42000
21 44000
22 46000
23 48000
24 50000 Inconceivable
25 52000
26 54000

CT Lab Artifacts

The following artifacts are only available through the Collective Theory Lab in the Legion Base. By researching in the lab you have a chance to randomly get a discovery for one of the following artifacts, which in turn can be built with common and rare artifacts.

Artifact Name Artifact Costs Energy Effect Scrap Value Type
Aegis Capacitor

100 XCharge Cells
200 Shield Amplifier
100 Special Module - Size:20, Shield:300, Shield Bonus:+5% (Limit 3 per ship) CTP: 2 to 4 Ship Module
Anubix, AI Assault Drone

200 Ship-Bot
50 Android Helmsman
100 Grid Console
500 Ship Ally - Initial Stats: Invasion Attack: 160, Cloak: 60 (Upgrades with Rank)

Anubix gains a new rank whenever you Raid a Base Level 5+. Requires Rank 200 or Greater.

CTP: 200 to 400 Ship Ally
Astrobiology Ward

50 Cloning Pods
50 Longevity Serum
30 Space Elevator Chassis
50 Planet Structure - Size:1, Population +500, Population Bonus +50% (Limit 1 per planet) CTP: 3 to 6 Planet, Chassis
Crux Amplifier

30 Ancient Crystal Foci
30 Crimson Obelisk
20 Amplifies your weapon systems, boosting attack by 10%. This effect is immune to removal from other artifacts. Lasts 12 hours. CR: 10,000 to 40,000 Player, Buff
Distributed Antennae Pulse

150 Ship-Bot
500 Continuum Beacon
100 Tesseract Container
500 Boosts scanning by 1% for each 2000 decks on your ship

(unbuffed, rounded down), up to a max 10% boost. Lasts 2 hours.

CR: 12,500 to 50,000 Player, Buff
DM79 Datacenter

25 Alien Data Disc
30 Positron Clouder
30 Grid Console
50 Planet Structure - Size:1, Research:4 (Limit 1 per planet)

If deployed on a non-Gas planet, the structure will provide 2 bonus research.
Cannot be scrapped Planet, Chassis
Domain Walker

30 Sentry Guards
30 Shield Sentries
30 Phase Cutter Chassis
50 Planet Structure - Size:1, Attack:600, Defense:600 (Limit 2 per planet) CTP: 2 to 4 Planet, Chassis
Exterior Maintenance Droid

300 Ship-Bot
300 Durtanium Brackets
200 Alien Data Disc
2500 Device - Size:20, Hull:800

Ability (w/ cooldown): +2% hull bonus for each 1000 decks you have (rounded up, max 20%) Limit 2. Requires Ship Size 1000+.

CTP: 7 to 14 Ship Module
Flux Probe - Tracer

20 Flux Probe
20 Quantum Flare
20 Planet Vortex Deflector
25 Probes - An advanced flux probe that returns the names and ranks of ships who have scanned target planet. CR: 2,500 to 10,000 Planet
Galactic Concord Station

50 Halcyon Trap
50 Calming Amplifier
40 Processing Core Chassis
100 Planet Structure - Size:1, Mining:1, Artifact:1, Defense:+10%, limit 1 per planet.

If the planet has not been attacked in the last 9 months when this is first built, all bonuses are doubled.

CTP: 4 to 8 Planet, Chassis
Gravimetric Flume

150 Grav-Whip Trap
150 Nanite Swarm Capsules
150 Spy Uplink Chassis
200 Special Module - Size:18, Scan:90 (Limit 3 per ship) CTP: 2 to 4 Ship Module
Hypergate Upgrade

50 Warp Gate Chassis
30 Unstable Wormhole Emitter
50 Tachyon Cylinder
100 Special Structure - Upgrades an existing warp gate on a planet, doubling its bonus. CR: 10,000 to 40,000 Planet, Chassis, Enhancement
HyperSensor Satellite

40 Continuum Beacon
40 Subspace Seeker
40 Relay Tower Chassis
50 Planet Structure - Size:2, Artifact:2, Research:2 (Limit 1 per planet) CTP: 2 to 4 Planet, Chassis
Isolation Bureau

50 Refining Lab Chassis
50 Calming Amplifier
50 Dark Pyramid
100 Planet Structure - Size:2, All Resources:1, Cloak:200

All bonuses double if built on a planet that only you have scanned (limit 1 per planet)

CTP: 0 to 1 Planet, Chassis
Perpetual HyperTurbine

100 Android Scientist
200 Mass Storage Pod
200 Alien Data Disc
2,500 Planet Structure - Size:1, Artifact: 2

Boosts the planet's artifact production by 1%. Can only build once you have fully upgraded your other Turbines, if any. (limit 1 per planet) Artifact production bonus upgrades by 1% when completing a daily mission, up to a maximum of 5%.

CTP: 1 to 2 Planet, Chassis
Phasic Chain-Ionizer

50 Ion Storm Charge
50 Quantum Flare
50 Processing Core Chassis
100 Planet Upgrade - Transforms a Gas Planet into a Plasma World, enhancing its size by 1, research by 2, and defense by 300. CR: 25,000 to 100,000 Planet, Enhancement
Polaron Emitter

60 Spy Uplink Chassis
60 Quantum Firewall Trap
60 Positron Clouder
200 Planet Structure - Size:1, Research +1, Cloak:100, Cloak: +15% (Limit 1 per planet).

If planet has a small moon, large moons or planetary rings when this is built, this structure gains artifact +1 and mining +1. Requires 400 energy to build on planet.

CTP: 8 to 16 Planet, Chassis
Polychoron Vault

20 Mass Storage Pod
20 Tesseract Container
20 Containment Cage
50 Planet Structure - Size:1 (Limit 1 per planet)

Increases mineral, artifact, and research production starage capacities by 1000 units.
CTP: 2 to 4 Planet, Chassis
Recondite Intruder

20 Alarm Sentry
5 Drannik Saboteur
20 Engineered Virus
10 Sabotages the system of an NPC, reducing its Defense by 25%, can be used on Elite NPCs and Boss NPCs. Lasts 12 hours. CR: 10,000 to 40,000 Enemy NPC, Debuff
Recruit Inculcation Hyperchamber

1,000 Rescued Prisoners 500 An efficient teaching device, the chamber's design can fully train large numbers of recruits very quickly. Adds 6000 well-instructed Engineers to your ship. CR: 6,250 to 25,000 Player
Recruit Reflex Hypertrainer

1,000 Rescued Prisoners 500 An efficient teaching device, the chamber's design can fully train large numbers of recruits very quickly. Adds 6000 well-instructed Tactical Officers to your ship. CR: 6,250 to 25,000 Player
Resonance Inhibitor

50 Dark Pyramid
30 Containment Cage
40 Spy Uplink Chassis
100 Planet Structure - Size:1, Cloak:250, Invasion Defense:500 (Limit 2 per planet) CTP: 2 to 4 Planet, Chassis
Reticulate Archival

500 Alien Data Disc
500 Quantum Firewall Trap
500 Transform a Gas planet, boosting research by 3%, and shifting the planet's visual appearance. CR: 14,000 to 56,000 Planet, Enhancement
Spy Probe - Governance

25 Spy Probe - Defenses
25 Spy Probe - Weapons
15 Spy Probe - Resources
10 Probes - This probe returns data on whether the current planet owner is active or inactive. (logged in the past 1 week) CR: 2,500 to 10,000 Enemy Planet
Thermionic Intensifier

50 Ion Storm Charge
50 Ion Repulsor Charge
50 Space Elevator Chassis
100 Planet Upgrade - Transforms a Volcanic Planet into a Demon Planet, enhancing its size by 1, attack by 800, and all resources by 1. CR: 25,000 to 100,000 Planet, Enhancement
Toxic Processing Plant

50 Engineered Virus
50 Containment Missile
50 Processing Core Chassis
200 Planet Structure - Size:2, Mining +3, Artifact +2, Attack +30% (Limit 1 per planet). Requires 400 energy to build on planet.
If built on a toxic or irradiated planet, stats become Mining +5, Attack +30%.
CTP: 8 to 16 Planet, Chassis
Velox Thruster

100 Android Helmsman
200 Void Shell
200 Special Module - Size:30, Defense:250, Defense Bonus:+5% (Limit 3 per ship) (Not Sendable, Not Shareable, Action Button = "Build") CTP: 2 to 4 Ship Module

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