Continuum Beacon

Common Artifact

Increases the scanning capability of your ship by 15% for 1 hour.


Available from: Hourly Artifact Points and the Artifact Market

Artifact Type: Ship enhancement
Set Duration: 1 hour
Cost in Artifact Points: 5000
Cost in Galaxy Points: 40
Cost in Energy to Use: 10
Artifact Effects:

Scan: +15% for 1 hour

Counter With: Containment Missile or Quantum Flare
Alternate Uses:

Scraps for: 25,000 - 100,000 Credits
Share: No
Send: Yes

Notes: This artifact will not stack with itself, but will stack with all other scan-boosting artifacts, such as the Stryll Seeker, Subspace Seeker and Tachyon Cylinder. It is advisable to use the additive buffs (Subspace Seeker and Tachyon Cylinder) before applying the percentage buffs (this and the Stryll Seeker).

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