Balthion, Lazuli Flagship

The Balthion's unique containment system is designed to destroy key areas of the ship, and important cargo, to prevent technology from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Extremely Rare Elite Flagship
  • Top 3 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 2,200 - 8,000

Rank: 2500
Shields: None
Hull: 1,500,000

Neural Resistant Hull: Immune to Improved Mind Influence
Hull Absorption Manifold: Will sometimes activate its Absorption Manifold, mitigating (and reversing) incoming damage for 30 seconds.
* The Manifold will be come less effective the more damaged the Flagship hull is.

Attack: 480,000
Defense: 400,000
Cloak: 6,000
Rewards: Lazuli Universal Coupling (50%), Lazuli Shipyard (25%), Fused Balthion Plating (25%)
Expires: 2 hours*
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

*On Actions tab:
Disable Containment System: 500 Energy, Disables the Flagship's containment systems, ensuring up to 3 rewards will be given when disabled. After disabling the containment systems, the Flagship will attempt to retreat and will only remain in your Battle list for another 2 minutes .. even if there is LESS than 2 minutes on the initial NPC timer.

Hit the NPC slowly. A pop up message will appear that it has an effect lasting for 30 seconds which will cause ALL hits against the NPC to repair 1% of the Balthion's remaining health. Pay attention to the effects tab as multiple hitters can cause additional repair effects to appear which will not generate a pop up message on your screen. Wait for these effects to expire before hitting the NPC again. You will not get any notification that it has repaired when hitting it while it is under a repair effect. Every hit you take while the NPC is under this effect will trigger the repair. You might even want to do your portion of the damage (at least 500k) before alerting the NPC in order to minimize multiple hitters triggering repair effects from hitting too quickly. Multiple repair effects will cause it to repair X% of its remaining hull where X is the number of repair effects currently on the NPC. Higher hull remaining can actually cause the Balthion to repair more than the maximum damage that can be dealt to it. Lower remaining hull will not repair as much. When its hull is down to around 100k, use the Disable Containment System ability to start to finish it off.

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