Attiroth, Lazuli Carrier

The Attiroth, or 'Jewel of the Syndicate', is supported by an army of repair ships, ensuring that it remains in perfect condition.

  • Extremely Rare Elite Carrier
  • Top 5 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 900 - 3,800

Rank: 1000
Shields: None
Hull: 1,000,000

 The Attiroth launches a Repair Ship. Disable it immediately to prevent it from repairing the Attiroth!
  • Repair Link - Random chance that the Attiroth's hull will repair to full:
 A nearby Attiroth Repair Ship fully repairs the Attiroth! Disable them to prevent further repairs!

1. if attacked while an Attiroth Repair Ship is still on your Battle tab; OR
2. if the Attiroth Repair Ship expires while the Attiroth is still on alert

*NOTE: If you have multiple Attiroths, and have a repair ship spawn from the first one, you cannot hit the second Attiroth even if it had not 
spawned the repair ship. ANY repair ship on your BT will repair any Attiroth that is hit while said repair ship is still on your BT.

Attack: 18,000
Defense: 36,000
Cloak: 3,000
Rewards: Lazuli Darkmine Cluster, Stacked Attiroth Plating (estimated drop 80%/20%)
Expires: After 12 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

Max DMG you can deal: Scaled: Rank*2.5
Minimum Shots to Kill: Scaled: Roundup((Hull+Shields)/(Max DMG))
Best Possible XP/Energy Ratio: Scaled: (((Minimum Shots)*10)+(XP Earned on Kill))/((Minimum Shots)*5)

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