Stryll Genosynth


Genosynth ships have specialized hull-adaptive layers that are difficult to penetrate. Each ship carries a unique geno-synthetic sequence, though with some effort, the pattern can be detected and used against it.

  • Extremely Rare Hunter
  • Top 3 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 1201 - 9,999

Rank: 1200
Shields: None
Hull: 1,000,000
Enemy Type: Hunter

  • Geno-Synthetic Immunity: Immune to Improved Mind Influence
  • Geno-Synthetic Regeneration: Chance that the Genosynth's hull will repair to full unless your ship is under the effects of a "GenoMarker Signature"

Attack: 100,000
Defense: 200,000
Cloak: 6,000
Rewards: Stryll GenoLocator, Stryll GenoSeeker, Stryll Adapted GenoSeeker
Expires: After 3 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

On actions tab: Active GeoScan ability (100 energy - 1 minute cooldown): Enables activating ship to discover a GenoMarker Signature when scanning for planets (duration: 60 minutes).

  • Note: The GenoMarker Signature, when found, will appear as a pop-up notification similar to when you receive an "NSX crate found" alert or any similar planet scanning alerts, and an effect will then be put on your ship once this notification appears. "You discover a GenoMarker signature near the planet. Your ship can now damage the Stryll Genosynth for a short time."
  • A GenoMarker Signature (duration: 15 MINUTES) will prevent ANY Stryll Genosynth ships from repairing during your attacks until the effect expires.
  • The GenoMarker Signature can be re-enabled by scanning again after 15 minutes as long as the Active GeoScan ability is still in effect - even after the NPC has been disabled.

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