Silthion Hybrid Cluster

Hybrid Silthion Colonies can synthesize their own T-Plasma, and are thus much more dangerous than hives in and around the Vorigar Expanse.


  • Extremely Rare Hive Boss (Mission-Exclusive)
  • Top 10 Damagers are rewarded
  • Shares with Ranks 900-3800
  • Randomly spawns while the Controlling the Silthion mission is active.

Rank: 1000
Shields: 0
Hull: 3,000,000
Attack: 50,000
Defense: 45,000
Cloak: 2500

Engulfing Swarm: (Will sometimes release a swarm around attacking ships, reducing NPC attack by 99% for 1 hour. This can only be removed with Swarm Dispersment. Dispersment is an available action on the NPC, under the actions tab, costing 250 energy. This clears the Engulfing Swarm effect from all ships who have attacked the Cluster EXCEPT FOR the ship taking the action. The cool-down for re-using this ability is 2 minutes and is collective, meaning ALL players have to wait 2 minutes to re-use, not just the one who initially used.
Hive Frenzy: (50% boost to Attack for 30 minutes)
Hive Mind: (Immune to Improved Mind Influence)

Rewards: Silthion T-Plasma Vesicle, Silthion Thermal Regulator, Silthion Hybrid Utricle (Estimated drops 50%/25%/25%)
Expires After 24 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

  • Note: Be sure to use the Dispersment ability BEFORE the Hybrid cluster is disabled, otherwise if there are any engulfing swarm effects on any player, they cannot be removed by any other means and will remain until the engulfing swarm duration expires.

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