Sha'din Hypergrid


Using the latest communication technology, Hypergrids can coordinate Coalition activity from across the galaxy. They are capable of detecting and warding off attacks by penetrating attackers' systems.

  • Extremely Rare Boss Station
  • Requires Scan better than 500 to appear in Battle Tab
  • Shareable with legion Ranks 250 to 2,000
  • Top 12 damagers are rewarded

Rank: 400
Shields: 150,000
Hull: 100,000
Abilities: Sha'din Overload - Will sometimes jam the systems of attacking ships, reducing attack by 25%
Attack: 3,800
Defense: 4,000
Cloak: 500
Rewards: Sha'din Hypergrid Network, Sha'din Forcevoider, Sha'din Hypergrid Core
Expires after 48 hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 100

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