Rogue Data Analyzer


Analyzers are advanced science ships used by the Rogue Science League to probe into remote data networks and decrypt a wide variety of security lockouts. Their computing systems would prove useful in analyzing any data that is difficult to crack.

Note: Many players choose to begin the mission: Decrypting the Vault and leave it unfinished, as the supplementary research available from killing these npcs is usually worth more than the research structures in the follow-on mission.

Rank: 200
Shields: 2,000
Hull: 800
Abilities: None
Attack: 900
Defense: 1,300
Damage Cap: 500
Rewards: 200 RP, RSL Anti-Cryptex
Expires: After 8 Hours
Experience on Kill: 50

Max DMG you can deal: 500
Minimum Shots to Kill: 6
XP/Energy Ratio (No Buffs): 3.67 XP/Energy

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