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| align="center" | X0504
| align="center" | X0504
| align="center" | TheFix
| align="center" | TheFix
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| align="center" | 07apr2018
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Medal Reward Artifact

Reveals the location of a rare, unoccupied Prismatic planet.

Available from: Available from: Medal: Path of the Devoted

Artifact Type: Planet Scan
Set Duration: Instant, Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: 2,000
Artifact Effects:

Automatic scanning of an unoccupied Prismatic planet
Size: Large
Mining: Extremely Abundant
Artifact: Extremely Abundant
Research: Extremely Abundant
Prismatic Immunity: Invicible +1

Number Available: 1
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 50,000 - 200,0000 Credits
Share: No
Send: No

When the Prismatic planet is colonized, a Prismatic Foundation structure will be automatically built. The Prismatic planet will also have these abilities:

  • Atmospheric Transform - Permanently boosts a resource (at random) on the planet by 1 (Costs 2500 Energy, 20 hour Cooldown). Maximum richness: 40x (as of sep2015, but may depend on upgrade level of Prismatic Foundation). (30 upgrades required to achieve the Prismatic Eclipse medal; Prismatic Dawn medal also available).
  • Prismatic Upgrade - can be activated at various colonization ages to upgrade the Prismatic Foundation planetary structure (20 charges).

The size of your Prismatic planet can be increased using Tectonic Compilers rewarded for earning various medals (4 to date to get to Colossal).

The 6-year medal Furthering Your Legacy rewards the Prismatic Transcendance artifact which adds rings to your Prismatic planet and unlocks the Prismatic Domain ability.

Further improvements to your prismatic planet can be accessed via the Prismodyne Energy Network after you have acquired the 7-year medal Destiny Discovered

Known Owners

New prismatic owners are tracked in this forum topic.

There were 56 active philtery users, as of 26jun2018. new philtery activations are now tracked in this forum topic.
As of 21sep2019, 49 active philtery owners are listed in the table below (excluding those with No Legion).

Planet Number Owner (forum id) 7-year eligibility for
Porowyn's Arrival
Rank 1800 ? Philtery ? Legion
X0001 Darkstar
04feb2017 Y Y Foundation Of Analysis
X0002 Soozerama 07feb2017 Y Y NSFW Dreadnoks
X0003 ShroomMonkey 01mar2017 Y Y Imminent Cataclysm
X0005 Rasanova apr2017 1428 N No Legion
X0006 Whraven 15apr2017 Y Y X Factor
X0007 Akhenaten
16apr2017 Y Y Galaxy Wombats
X0010 Swiftus 19apr2017 Y No Legion
X0018 EricdaRed 22apr2017 Y Galaxy Wombats
X0020 BenRh
24apr2017 Y Y Galactic Paladins
X0023 Noctua apr2017 Y Y Imminent Cataclysm
X0026 DarkHorse 26apr2017 1691 N Galaxy Battleships
X0036 Toonela
29apr2017 1403 N No Legion
X0044 Chakotay 02may2017 4 (reset) N No Legion
X0049 Exterminus 02may2017 Y Y Imminent Cataclysm
X0079 DarthFlatulence
(Darth Flagitious)
15may2017 Y Y The Unknown
X0084 Conquistador2 may2017 Y No Legion
X0094 Ballsac
22may2017 Y Y The Exterminators
X0095 WarmasterGoya 23may2017 Y Y Imminent Darkness
X0097 Xeners 24may2017 Y Y Galaxy Wombats
X0113 Greenspleef
X0115 I am Nobody
04jun2017 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0124 Chade 07jun2017 Y Y Galactic Paladins
X0129 Curryman
<aka Cobra Commander>
<aka Zartan>
11jun2017 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0134 DarkMar 12jun2017 Y Y No Legion
X0136 Grumpy Minion
jun2017 Y No Legion
X0137 USS Enterprise
14jun2017 Y Y The Exterminators
X0141 Dellbert 2017 1469 N No Legion
X0146 Figaro 17jun2017 Y Y Galaxy Battleships
X0151 Milesmailman jun2017 Y Y Stormkyn Alliance Legion
X0209 Mythra 31jul2017 Y Y X Factor
X0219 Mini Goat Powah
<aka Koolaid 00 Yeah>
07aug2017 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0309 Daven 2017 1426 N Galaxy Wombats
X0330 Srunstro 2017 1600 N Galaxy Wombats
X0342 Dorper Wombat XX 1121 N No Legion
X0381 (gilbert.fitch) 05oct2017  ??  ?
X0398 Suprimicus 25jan2018 1768 N The Exterminators
X0433 Kevin9809 30jan2018 Y Y Imminent Cataclysm
X0446 Mizalin 11feb2018 Y Y Galaxy Defenders
X0450 Icarium81 17feb2018 Y Y Icariums Fate
X0504 TheFix 07apr2018 Y Y NSFW Dreadnoks
X0526 Skh51
19apr2018 Y Y Galaxy Battleships
X0529 Dawsix 19apr2018 Y Y Zentzu
X0542 Flyerss 25apr2018 Y Y Zentzu
X0549 Narbooty 06jul2018 Y NSFW
X0551 DixieLandDelight
02may2018 Y Y Chesterton Royal Asylum
X0581 (rooneyhimself)  ?  ??  ?
X0597 BlueJayFish 18may2018 Y Y The Unknown
X0600 DarthNefarious 28may2018 Y Y The Exterminators
X0615 The Crack Fox
04jun2018 Y Y The Fallen
X0624 CapitainePaul 10jun2018 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0626 Pac Man
11jun2018 Y Y Project Anarchy
X0640 Grumpy Wombat jun2018 1121 N Galaxy Wombats
X0645 AnuBi
jun2018 Y Y Galactic Paladins
X0650 IKV Bite
jun2018 Y Y The Unknown
X0672 BigFnGerman 19jul2018 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0674 Darkphoenix
2018 Y No Legion
X0689 <Dark Aster> 2018  ??  ?
X0712 Vito987 2018 Y No Legion
X0731 Cheech2000 2018 1600 N Galaxy Battleships
X0748 6pack 12sep2018 Y Y Zentzu
X0752 Trogdor28
05oct2017 Y Y Galaxy Defenders
X0756 DarthKarnage 17sep2018 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X0771 Senatorhung 01oct2018 Y Y Zentzu
X0794 ProfXavier 16oct2018 Y Y Galaxy Battleships
X0812 Garthrax 01nov2018 Y Y Galaxy Wombats
X0820 Jammassinia 05nov2018 Y Y Hellraisers
X0863 KoChan 03jun2018 Y Y Empire Of The Sun
X0869 XXDNDXX 01oct2018 1616 N Zentzu
X0939 D3zion3r 25sep2018 Y Y Zentzu
X0955 Divine
02feb2018 Y Y No Legion
X0979 Arch Angel 31mar2019 Y Project Anarchy
X1024 PitchNinja 15may2019 Y Y Dreadnoks Rising
X1048 Peticks 24jun2019 Y N Galaxy Defenders
X1072 ZENNN 16jul2019 Y N Zentzu
X1072a ranks last updated: 21aug2019
X1077 Biped 2019 1500 N No Legion
X1139 Sam78 03oct2019 1565 N Felons Unleashed
X1141 JustKidding 13sep2019 1300 N Zentzu
X1253 Deadpool
08feb2020 Y N Galaxy Defenders
X1268 <Trekker> mar2020  ?? N  ?
X1294 AEnterprise 10‎feb2020 1111 N No Legion
X1308 TheBobster 08may2020 Y N Zentzu
X1376 GhostOfDecember
22sep2020 Y N Empire Of The Sun
X1409 Dabel 11dec2020 1155 N Galactic Paladins
X1425 Dunkface 07jan2021 1062 N Zentzu
X1431 ZombieKiller531 20jan2021 1105 N Galaxy Battleships
X1511 AlphaAura nov2017 1103 N Deep Space Renegades

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