Dark Warp Gate


The Dark Smugglers Guild use these powerful gates to bypass travel through areas not safe or ideal to route through directly.

Rank: Matched
Shields: None
Hull: Scaled: Unknown
Abilities: None
Attack: Scaled: 10*(RoundDown(((RANK+5)*7)/10,0)-80
Defense: Scaled: 20*(RoundDown(((RANK+5)*7)/10,0)-110
Cloak: None
Rewards: Dark Warp Coil
Expires: Never
Experience Earned on Kill: 80

Max DMG you can deal: Scaled: Rank*2.5
Minimum Shots to Kill: Scaled: Roundup((Hull+Shields)/(Max DMG))
Best Possible XP/Energy Ratio: Scaled: ((XP Earned on Kill) / ((Minimum Shots) * 5)) + 2

Rank Stats

Rank Shields Hull Attack Defense Cloak Max Dmg Min Shots XP Ratio
638 0 9000 4420 8890 0 1595 6 3.66

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