C-34 Hypersync, Lepus Base


The base, although considerably large, has no visible access ports or docking mechanisms, but scanners have detected drones entering and leaving its vicinity...

  • Top 5 damagers are rewarded
  • shares with Ranks 1,500 - 8,000

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*Notes on Disabling:

  • Repair Risk: If the NPC launches a parasite at you, you must NOT attack it again until the parasite is removed or expires. Attacking while you have a parasite EVEN IF THE LAUNCHER IS DOWN will repair BOTH the hull AND the Parasite Launcher. The key to bringing this NPC down is to work slowly as it is VERY sensitive to hits when you have a parasite i.e. you could click and get a parasite and then your very next hit could cause a full repair.

  • Removal: Parasites can be migrated from your ship by a legion mate or an in.game friend. This does not cost the migrator anything, but will cost the current host of the parasite 200 energy. If the host ship does not have 200 energy available, the parasite can not be migrated to the assisting ship. 5 Parasites must be removed from your ship for the One for the Team medal.

  • Timers: A parasite acquired from the NPC lives for 30 minutes and has no transfer timer. A parasite acquired from another player starts a 10 min transfer timer. Since each parasite lasts for 30 minutes, with some legion teamwork, they can be passed around multiple times for medal credit before the parasite expires.

  • If you are not sure if you still have a parasite on your ship, this can be found by checking the actions tab on your OWN ship which will say "Bio-Con Parasite" under actions sub-section and a grayed out "Parasitic Migration" under the options sub-section if you do.

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