Aerlen Patronage

Legion Mission Completion Reward


Increases a planet's production by 1% + 1% for every 2 loyal Aerlen in your legion (rounded up). This bonus reaches maximum at 9 Aerlen for a total of 6%. This bonus does not change once placed on the planet.

Available from: Successful completion of the Legion Mission The Cerulean Conclave Task #3 Aerlen Rescue.

Artifact Type: Planet transformer
Set Duration: Permanent (see Artifact Effects)
Cost in Energy to Use: 500
Artifact Effects: Increases production permanently by 1% + (Loyal, active Aerlen)/2 (rounded up). This artifact reaches maximum at 6% (9 loyal, active aerlen). Once used, the bonus becomes static, and will not change based upon Aerlen in legion. User does NOT have to be loyal to use the artifact.

Artifact Limit: 1 per planet
Number Available: No Limit
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 12,500 - 50,000 CR
Share: No
Send: No

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