The Key of Kassivar

Mission Reward Artifact

Installs or upgrades The Key of Kassivar on your ship.

Available from: the mission Opening the Kassivar. This mission is part of the Lutuma Chronicles mission chain that begins with the rank 50 mission Enigmatic Destruction.

Artifact Type: Ship Module
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Cost in Upkeep per day: 20.5M CR (before upgrades)
Cost to Repair: 410M CR (before upgrades)
Artifact Effects:

Size: 25
Cloak: +60
Shields: +100 

Bonus: If this ray is already installed, this will instead upgrade its stats by 30% up to 300%. (See table below) When fully upgraded, it unlocks an ability that gives a random ship boost for 8 hours. Costs 250 energy, Cooldown: 40 hours.

Random Ship Buffs include:

  • +3% attack

Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 7 - 15 CTP
Share: No
Send: No
Image: The Key of Kassivar

The 30% upgrade is considered and applied to the artifact "initial stats" all the time:

Upgrade Cloak Shields Upkeep
0 60 100 20.5M
1 78 130 26.7M
2 96 160 32.8M
3 114 190 39.0M
4 132 220 45.1M
5 150 250 51.3M
6 168 280 57.4M
7 186 310 63.6M
8 204 340 69.7M
9 222 370 75.9M
10 240 400 82.0M

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