Opening the Kassivar

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Sphere of Influence Opening the Kassivar The Great Elders

The Lutuma Chronicles Chapter Six

After failing to find a structural weakness in the sphere, the Lutuma contacts discover archival information about a key that may open it...

Mission Briefing

Word has spread quickly about your discovery. The rest of the Lutuma are not far behind. We've come to provide some new insight after pouring over our ancient texts. We know what this phenomenon is... The Oruas Kassivar.

Also known as The Great Vault. Built by The Great Elders before our time. It is the eye's auto-defense mechanism.
Defense from what exactly ?

According to the texts, the Eye will retreat to the Kassivar if it glimpses a vision of its own impending destruction.
So there's no way inside ?

There are instructions within the text for constructing a key... but...
But what ?

Our intentions are to destroy it; the eye will sense this, and the key will never function properly.
We should still build the key.

Did you hear what I said?
The rest of the Lutuma will surely uncover this historical knowledge as well.

Perhaps, but what good would building one do?
Let us use it to access the Kassivar.

But you agreed to destroy it with... oh... I see. You've wanted the Eye for yourself this entire time. You never had any plans to get rid of it!
Better in our hands than theirs.

No! Our focus must be to destroy it. Building the key would be a waste of time. There must be another way to get inside.
We've performed countless tests already.

Yes, I've seen the data. The edges of the sphere sit in a hyperdimensional energy pocket.
Which is constantly in flux. Our weapons can adapt to rift-like fields and matter dispersal, but this is far more advanced.

We'll find a way. The texts have many obscure clues that we have yet to uncover.
Can we at least try the key ? We don't have a way of knowing what visions The Eye may see.

If the key doesn't work, then we've thrown away massive resources. If it does work, then it means there's a good possibility the eye will not be destroyed... and our mission would have failed.
A possibility, but not a certainty. Regarding resources, our government can likely supply what is needed.

We're taking a great risk here, especially given that we can never fully trust you.
Our interest in the Oruas Eye is purely scientific. And as you said before, our race cannot actively use it.

Worse yet, if the key were to fall into the hands of the Lutuma government...
We'd never let that happen. Surely you can trust at least that.

Fine. We'll share the knowledge... under close supervision... but building the key involves many steps. The ancient texts describe a lengthy process.
No time to waste.

The instructions include building many parts to 2 segment halves, the largest of which is the focal transmitter to the key. I'm sending you the details now.
... Got them. Wow. You weren't kidding.

Yes. Each requires certain parts, and must be assembled under strict conditions.
I see.

Don't discount how intricate the process is. Return here periodically so we can adjust it as needed.

End Transmission

  • Risks: You must use your new 'Build Segment' abilities to create Key Segments.
  • NOTE: you must click the red Mission Briefing button once every 40 hours in order to get the 'Build Segment' abilities.

Build Segment A ability:
Builds Segment A of the Kassivar Key. Can only use if your available energy is 250 or lower. Requires 10 Energy and 400 Exotic Matter. Cooldown timer: 30 seconds.

"You gain Key Segment A (artifact)" image Scrap Value 5,000 - 20,000 credits.

Build Segment B ability:
Builds Segment B of the Kassivar Key. Can only use if your remaining shields are depleted. Requires 40 Complex Tech Parts. Cooldown timer: 1 minute

"You gain Key Segment B (artifact)" image Scrap Value 5,000 - 20,000 credits.

Becomes Available Upon: Originally Timed Mission for July 2015, Archived August 2015
Un-gray Requirements: Rank 400 (Rank 50 on original release)
Per Round Requirements: 400 Energy, 1 Key Segment A, 1 Key Segment B
Per Round Rewards: 400 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 The Key of Kassivar
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 400 Energy, 1 Key Segment A (10 energy, 400 exotic matter), 1 Key Segment B (40 ctp)
Rewards: 400 XP
XP Return Ratio: 1.00
  • 20 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 8,000 Energy, 20 Key Segment A (200 energy, 8000 exotic matter), 20 Key Segment B (800 ctp)
Rewards: 8,000 XP, 1 The Key of Kassivar
  • 11 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 88,000 Energy, 220 Key Segment A (2200 energy, 88,000 exotic matter), 220 Key Segment B (8800 ctp)
Rewards: 88,000 XP, 11 The Key of Kassivar (fully upgraded)
  • This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours.

[Device - Size:25, Cloak:60, Shields:100]
If this device is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 30%, up to 300% max. When fully upgraded it will unlock an ability.
Scrap Value: 7-15 CTP

Upgraded Ability: The Key emits mysterious energies. Activating it produces a random ship boost for 8 hours. Requires 250 energy. Cooldown timer: 40 hours.

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Sphere of Influence Opening the Kassivar The Great Elders

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