Star Chart Purger

Common Artifact


Removes the target planet from your scan database, increasing your chances of scanning for new locations.

Available from: Hourly Artifact Points, the Artifact Market, and through the mission Stellar Cartography

Artifact Type: Planet
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Artifact Points: 1000
Cost in Galaxy Points: 8
Cost in Energy to Use: 5
Artifact Effects:

Removes 1 planet from your list of scanned planets

Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 5000 - 20000 credits.png CR
Share: No
Send: No

Notes: It is possible, albeit unlikely, to re-scan a planet you have previously purged.

  • You can more quickly purge planets in the game by clicking the Planets Tab and then the series of 3 arrows to the far right of the screen on each planet row. Clicking that will bring up Star Chart Purgers, Flux Probes, and Flux Probe Tracers.
  • As of 03apr2018, you can now use star chart purgers on invincible worlds and those worlds with XRP Warp Inhibitors on them.

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