The Vvarix Truth

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Daily Mission Briefing


That was quite an escape you pulled off. Seems that Sileena is in good company. I have a few items to attend to here in Vearon, but I'll stick around to get you the answers you seek. Fair warning, however... you might not like what you hear.

Mission Dialogue

Ba'ryl: She is a good agent. A shame.
Huh? Start talking.

Ba'ryl: Before we get into it, Sileena gave me specific information to relay to you. She was able to reformat one of my datachips. Here you go.
It's encrypted. Ravyn?

Ravyn: She prefaces that this data should be shared with Ba'ryl. Some details about hacking methods used from his equipment. She then mentions a few possible arrival points for the Mortiya, but highlights Vvarix as the most likely. 2 attached data files follow.
Vvarix? I thought that place was a myth.

Ravyn: Correct. Sileena and I tracked down the intel on it - it was nothing but a dead end. Our reports showed that the Stryll never found a way to make it work, and abandoned the project.
Yes, and our scientists ruled its existence as purely theoretical.

Ba'ryl: Your intelligence is woefully outdated. Vvarix is indeed a real place. Sileena didn't believe it herself at first, but my contacts are just as resourceful, and have evidence to back it up. The Stryll have been putting out falsified information as cover.
... I am anxious to see this evidence for myself.

Ba'ryl: They are more advanced than we assumed. It made sense why the Terran Outsiders would work with them: they both finally had a means to deal with the espionage plaguing their latest projects.
So they finished it? A city that no one can escape from?

Ba'ryl: It is a hypersphere prison embedded in the manifold of a uniquely shaped singularity. A conduit of considerable size is used to transport physical objects and subjects inside.
And from what I've heard, prisoners are forever trapped there?

Ba'ryl: Yes, even the guards. Once within, only information streams can escape - its physically impossible, even with unlimited energy, for subjects to leave.
But what evidence have you gathered on it?

Ba'ryl: One of our contacts was fully extracted after being sent inside. Vital information to one of our missions was breached, and we lost control of several key assets. The source of the information traced back to them exactly.
And you know for certain that they were extracted inside Vvarix?

Ba'ryl: For certain... There are technologies and secrets that I cannot divulge that prove it, as inconvenient as that may be.
You agree with Sileena? You think they are taking her there?

Ba'ryl: It became clear that the Mortiya was performing a full prisoner evac to various planets. My imprisonment at Vardis VI was one of them. According to what she uncovered, she was going to be the only prisoner left on the ship.
But... why not take all of the prisoners to Vvarix?

Ba'ryl: The conduit requires significant amounts of energy and resources for insertion. Your agent must have information so valuable, that both the Stryll and the Terran Outsiders are willing to handle the expense. They don't yet have the means to insert just anyone.
Ravyn, what were those data files Sileena attached?

Ravyn: A prisoner manifest, and some purchase records.
Does the manifest list where the prisoners are being offloaded?

Ravyn: Hmmm... No. The entries just provide a prisoner ID, a description of their likeness, and their date of evac. No location information or reference to their planned drop point.
Do you see Sileena's reference?

Ravyn: I think so. There's a few listings for dark haired human females with her complexion, but one date of evac is left blank, unlike the others. That must be her.
Of the dates listed, are there any prisoner evacs left?

Ravyn: As a matter of fact, yes. 3 left. That means Sileena is still in transit.
Good. What about the other data file?

Ravyn: It looks like a list of past refueling transactions, but the file is incomplete: it just has names and payment amounts.
Any entries that stand out?

Ravyn: A spot called "Gantry Virtue" comes up again and again... I'm not familiar with it.

Ba'ryl: Let me link that through my contacts here in Vearon. Give me a moment.
Thank you.

Ba'ryl: ... ...

Ba'ryl: Got a match. Nuron Sector. Private Stryll refueling and repair outpost. It's unlisted, but my contacts are good. Here are the coordinates.
Ravyn, let's assume the Mortiya stopped there. Plot a route through it that includes the prison on Vardis VI, starting with the Orbisbarrier system.

Ravyn: Yes, ok... and taking into account speed variances for a ship that large, gravitational anomalies, and collating with known dates on the manifest... done. Interesting.

Ravyn: According to these calculations, the Mortiya, if it is still traveling predictably, wouldn't be arriving at Gantry Virtue until after its final prisoner drop. The aggressive schedule listed in the manifest suggests that it is not likely to refuel or perform maintenance until then.
Interesting indeed.

Ravyn: But of course, this is just a predictive calculation.
Ba'ryl, your contacts... the ones familiar with Gantry Virtue... are they close to it?

Ba'ryl: Yes, but... I can't involve my network in this. We're exposed enough as it is, and I'm expected to debrief here in Vearon shortly.
If what you say is true, this could be our only chance to locate Vvarix.

Ba'ryl: Our efforts so far have failed. Every agent that has pursued it has not returned. Only several contacts remain in key Stryll regions... and we can't afford to lose any more. I need to re-strategize first.
I know you didn't know Sileena well, but she wouldn't have sent us on a fool's errand.

Ba'ryl: With respect, she didn't know the truth about Vvarix. I've relayed to you everything I can. I -
What is it?

Ba'ryl: Excuse me. There's an incoming message I must attend to. I'll return in a moment.
(( PAUSE COMM )) We have a lead, but getting to the Nuron sector presents a host of problems.

Ravyn: Time being our main one. We also have no operatives there.
Our only chance to reach Sileena is to get to Gantry Virtue before the Mortiya finishes maintenance. Which of our contacts are nearest?

Ravyn: We need a plan, first. I have an agent in mind, but he is isolated.
How isolated?

Ravyn: We'd be sending him to his final mission, and his chances of success would be low. Rescuing Sileena will require more than just one agent.
I... oh, Ba'ryl is back. (( RESUME COMM ))

Ba'ryl: We'll help you.
That was fast.

Ba'ryl: Let's just say our interests are more... intertwined than I first thought.
What changed? Is there something about Sileena that you are not telling us?

Ba'ryl: Whatever it is, this goes much higher than me. My command was clear: assist you in every way we can.
You weren't told anything else?

Ba'ryl: No. Let's just focus on getting her out of there.

Ba'ryl: We still aim t get the location of Vvarix, which will make the rescue plans a bit more complex.
I understand.

Ba'ryl: Three of my agents are within the system and will try to covertly intercept to stall the Mortiya. Both of you will need to assist me with a diversion.

Ba'ryl: Before I was captured, we were working on a lead regarding a Stryll gene-modification project operating within the neighboring Triss system's asteroid belt.
Anything significant?

Ba'ryl: We don't know yet, it could be nothing... but pressing our activity there should divert some of their attention from Nuron... allowing our agents room to get close.
Let's hope the project is at least somewhat significant... or the Stryll won't take the bait.

Ba'ryl: There is preliminary evidence that the Terran Outsiders are involved in the project. We have logged several of their ships making specific routes through the region... carrier-type ships.
What is the plan for the rescue?

Ba'ryl: Assuming our diversion works, our agents' main plan is to intercept and board the ship covertly via auxiliary service ports at Gantry Virtue. If that fails, direct force will likely be required.
Are they any match for the Mortiya?

Ba'ryl: Enough of a match to damage its engines. We don't want it to get to that. These are good agents... my agents. I don't like the idea of sacrificing them to save another... but those are my orders.
Thank you, Ba'ryl.

Ba'ryl: Something bigger is definitely going on here, and it seems both of you aren't in on it either.
I'm sure Sileena will have a lot to talk about.

Ba'ryl: I'll see you both within Triss. Give them a good fight.
How long should we engage them?

Ba'ryl: We'll be monitoring comm traffic carefully. Take whatever data you can from their ships, it is likely to prove useful.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the Mission The Vetheral Prisoner.
Un-gray Requirements: 4,000 decks, ?
Per Round Requirements: 250 Energy, 1 Damaged Stryll Datacore
Per Round Rewards: 25 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Strazi Genolink Probe
Per Round Risks: You must find Strazi Sentinel enemies (Battle Tab) to acquire damaged Stryll Datacores.
  • 07dec2016: NPCs that spawn as a result of daily missions WILL NO LONGER SPAWN while the mission is on cooldown.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 250 Energy, 1 Damaged Stryll Datacore
Rewards: 25 XP
XP Return Ratio: 0.1
  • 10 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 2,500 Energy, 10 Damaged Stryll Datacores
Rewards: 250 XP, 1 Strazi Genolink Probe
  • 35 Completions / Finish
Requirements: 87,500 Energy, 350 Damaged Stryll Datacores
Rewards: 8,750 XP, 35 Strazi Genolink Probes

This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and it does not count towards completed missions credit.

  • NOTE: You do NOT need to purchase the Phase II Ravyn Cloak Upgrade to access this mission chain.

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