The Vetheral Prisoner

Daily Mission Briefing

We're receiving a secure short-range comm from someone on Vardis VI, one of the planets we just discovered during our search. The planet is using some sophisticated signal jammers - I can't determine where the signal is coming from...

Mission Dialogue

Ravyn: We're receiving a secure short-range comm from someone on Vardis VI, one of the planets we just discovered during our search. The planet is using some sophisticated signal jammers - I can't determine where the signal is coming from...
Time to see see what this is about. I will connect us.


???: Finally.
Who are you?

Ba'ryl: Call me Ba'ryl. I know you are looking for Sileena.
Sileena? Who is that?

Ba'ryl: You can stop the act. I am the reason she was able to contact you.
I think you have us mixed up with someone else.

Ba'ryl: Zercon 419.

Ravyn: He's good, commander. He can be trusted. That was Sileena's most recent contact code.
You are one of her contacts?

Ba'ryl: No. We were on the prison ship Mortiya together... I shared a cell with her. She's still on the ship, as far as I know.
And how were you able to contact us?

Ba'ryl: I managed to smuggle aboard some crude tech... very short range comm circuitry. Sileena made some modifications... boosted the range quite a bit, but the amount of data that could be sent decreased with range. Your girl knows her stuff.
How did you manage to get it aboard the ship undetected?

Ba'ryl: I... have my ways.
Tell us.

Ravyn: He must be a Vetheral... that's the only way he could have done that.
You used a morphogenic sac...

Ba'ryl: How do you...?
I've dealt with shape shifters like you before... Lady Mawks being one of them.

Ba'ryl: Mawks?? she wasn't dealt with at all. You should have killed her. So many of our secrets have been leaked. More than I thought, apparently.
Tell us the truth Ba'ryl.

Ba'ryl: Yes, yes, I'm Vetheral. I can shift... but Sileena is just as much of a criminal as the rest of us in the eyes of the Terran Outsiders. Don't let your prejudices get in the way. We're not all like the notorious ones you hunt down.
Do your captors know?

Ba'ryl: Are you serious? Of course not. To them, I'm just another human traitor spy awaiting extraction.
If you are not one of her contacts, why did Sileena trust you?

Ba'ryl: Like me, she was desperate. We needed each other. There was no other chance for escape. Either we worked together, or we both risked complete extraction.
So you are a spy after all.

Ba'ryl: I gather information. So do you.
What happened to the Mortiya? Where is it taking her?

Ba'ryl: Look, I'm not going to pretend that I'm doing this for her as a friend. We aren't friends. You help me, you help her. We all win.
You want out, I get it.

Ba'ryl: Yeah I want out, and I need to get to the Vearon system. Transport me there, and I'll give you all the information she wanted to pass along.
This might be a trap, Ba'ryl, whether you are a part of it or not.

Ravyn: Possible, but this is standard procedure for Stryll-type extractions. Prisoners are moved between cells on numerous occasions for security reasons.
We need more information before we can help you Ba'ryl. The risks are too high.

Ba'ryl: Their focus is on her. There's a reason why she's headed to where she is... I want to tell you, but I'm not going to give up my leverage over pity. This is not a trap, this is my opportunity.
I'm talking about your cell. We need to know your exact location, and physical properties of the compound.

Ba'ryl: If I knew those things, I probably wouldn't need you at all. You're the one with the scanners.
Ravyn, can we isolate his signature from the other prisoners?

Ravyn: I can make some adjustments. Ba'ryl, it will require that you shift during the scan.
Likely into something non-human.

Ba'ryl: That I can do. During this comm, I've rerouted their monitors in my cell, but I need to turn off the bypass soon, before I arouse too much suspicion.
Ravyn, how much time do you need to perform the upgrade?

Ravyn: It may take several shifts. Their jammers are quite sophisticated. Ba'ryl, I'm ready for you to shift now, to initialize the 2 baselines.
Go ahead...

Ba'ryl: How is this?
Fine. Whatever it is.

Ba'ryl: You've never met a Salorian? You know less about other cultures than I expected.
Keep holding that shape.

Ravyn: Ok, good. I have the data I need to proceed with the upgrade. We'll be back later to perform the scans.
Thank you Ba'ryl. You can change back.

Ba'ryl: You won't have a means to contact me here, but I'll establish another link with you when it's safe again.
We'll be here. (( CLOSE COMM ))

Ravyn: I see no other choice but to help him.
There's no guarantee he even knows anything else.

Ravyn: Sileena would not have given him the code unless she wanted us to work with him. Trap or not, we have to.
What if they extracted the code from her already? This could all be part of their plan.

Ravyn: If that was the case, we'd already be captured or dead. I trust this. Trust me. I've been in this line of work for a long time.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the Mission Sileena's Signal.
Un-gray Requirements: 4,000 decks, 12,000 cloak
Per Round Requirements: 900 Energy, 2 blue badges
Per Round Rewards: 50 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Jam Attenuator
Per Round Risks: An extra Mini Challenge is required at the final step before completion.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 900 Energy, 2 blue badges
Rewards: 50 XP
XP Return Ratio: 0.0555
  • 20 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 18,000 Energy, 40 blue badges +2 blue badges to do the Mini Challenge
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 1 Jam Attenuator
  • 26 Completions / Finish
Requirements: 468,000 Energy, 1,092 blue badges
Rewards: 26,000 XP, 26 Jam Attenuators

This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and it does not count towards completed missions credit.

  • NOTE: You do NOT need to purchase the Phase II Ravyn Cloak Upgrade to access this mission chain.

The Sileena Mission Chain: #2 of ?
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