Previous Mission {{{ missionchain }}} (#? of ?) Next Mission
{{{ prevmission }}} MissionChain {{{ nextmission }}}

This template is for use on a mission's page to clearly show its relative position in a mission chain.

Template Usage

Copy and paste the syntax below to easily implement this template on a page. Insert wiki links to the appropriate missions on the right side of each of the equal signs.


Example Usage


|missionchain=[[Mission_Chains#Invincible_Planet_Chain|Invincible Planet Chain]]
|prevmission=[[The Terra Project]]
|nextmission=[[The Rift Project]]

Will Produce:

Previous Mission Invincible Planet Chain (#2 of 3) Next Mission
The Terra Project MissionChain The Rift Project

Note that the "Current Mission" field inherits the name of the page using the template, and is thus wrong in this example.

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