Combat Badges

Combat Badges are special items gained at the end of battle encounters. Badges can be exchanged for the artifacts, modules, and structures found only in the Battle Market. The View Battle Market button is found under the Battle tab.


Getting Badges

Red Badges badge-r.png are awarded for disabling enemy player ships. A badge is NOT awarded for disabling ships of much lower rank (less than 40% of your rank), or disabling the same ship again within 12 hours of the previous kill.

Blue Badges badge-b.png are awarded for successfully hacking enemy player ships. A badge is NOT awarded for hacking ships of much lower rank (less than 40% of your rank), or hacking the same ship again within 12 hours of the previous successful hack.

Yellow Badges badge-y.png are awarded for raiding enemy player ships. A badge is NOT awarded for raiding ships of much lower rank (less than 40% of your rank), or raiding the same ship again within 12 hours of the previous raid.

Green Badges badge-g.png are awarded for invading enemy planets. Planets owned by new players are immune to attack until the new player hits rank 20, or 2 weeks of play. New players are also unable to invade enemy planets until those conditions are met.[1][2][3] There are no other rank restrictions and each successful invasion will award a green badge. However, green badges are NOT awarded for taking a planet from the same player during the previous 7 days, which also includes any failed invasion attempts against any of that player's planets during the previous week. With the passive abilities listed below, it is actually possible to earn 3 green badges from one planet invasion!

  • Note: Silent Takeover ability: When receiving a green badge during an invasion, you will earn an additional green badge if the planet's controller was inactive
  • Note: Arbalest Precision ability: When receiving a green badge during an invasion, you will earn an additional green badge if the planet is under the effect of a Dark Arbalest VII (or greater)

Silver Badges badge-s.png are awarded for doing sufficient damage in battles against enemy legion bases. Badges are awarded based on the top damagers during each base battle encounter. Badges are awarded after the base is disabled and no badges are awarded if the base is not disabled.

Dark Badges badge-l.png are awarded for disabling certain non-player enemy ships. It is currently known that Stryll Assassins and RSL Siege Cannons* are the only NPCs that drop these.

As of January 2017, a fully upgraded Jam Attenuator provides a passive ability that, when you earn a badge-b.png Blue Badge, will also give you a chance to receive an additional badge-b.png Blue Badge, badge-r.png Red Badge, badge-y.png Yellow Badge, or badge-g.png Green Badge.


  • Unlike other special materials, Combat Badges cannot be gifted to other players, sold, or bought.
  • RSL Siege Cannons don't always drop a Dark Badge. It appears to be a random chance reward.
  • Relic Badges badge-o.png are NOT combat badges. They are used to purchase artifacts in the Mission Market and are awarded for the completion of legion mission tasks.

Badge Rewards

Using badges, a variety of ship modules and planet structures can be purchased in the Battle Market.

Allies that Require Combat Badges

* Cuniculus, Lepus Adjutant - 1485 badge-l.png
* Bainar, Systems Cracker - 990 badge-b.png
* Darmos Drone Ascendant - 495 badge-r.png
* Thraccti, Scruuge Defector - 495 badge-y.png

Missions that Require Combat Badges

* Unexpected Ties - 1200 badge-b.png
* The Vetheral Prisoner - 1092 badge-b.png
* The Lepus Messenger - 20 badge-b.png (per round)

Artifacts that Require Combat Badges

See the table on the Battle Market Artifacts page for artifacts that you can acquire with your combat badges.

* Bane Psybeacon - 4 badge-g.png to upgrade to Mark II; 4 badge-g.png to upgrade to Mark III; 10 badge-g.png to upgrade to Mark IV;
* Bane Psyshade Arsenal - 8 badge-g.png to upgrade to Mark II; 15 badge-g.png to upgrade to Mark III

Abilities that Require Combat Badges

* Cuniculus, Lepus Adjutant - 3 badge-y.png to activate rank 100 Bio-Con Aspect Ability 
  • allows you to raid a successfully-raided base a second time
* Base Combat requires between 2 badge-r.png and 5 badge-r.png for Enemy Base Scanning 

Badging and Badging Etiquette

Combat Badges are used as special currency and are the only way to get items from the Battle Market. Badging or making "Badge Hits" is the act of obtaining badges by attacking others. Since collecting badges is so common in the game, many players advocate Badging Etiquette guidelines for attacks on other players to get them. This etiquette is by general consensus and by no means obligatory.

The Concept

The general concept is that a single attack (ie. single Disable + single Hack + single Raid) on a player chosen from the battle tab should be assumed to be a hit to get badges and nothing more. Hence it is a "badge hit" and since collecting badges is a significant part of the game the conflict should not be taken as personal and not escalated.

However, there is nothing to stop someone from "badging back". Most players accept this part of badging etiquette as well. You hit me for a badge, I hit you back for a badge, we're even. Some players go so far as to openly allow response badge hits and will not use traps, artifacts or repairs to prevent them.

Many players leave a short message on a ship comm to flag the attack as a badge hit. Some players consider leaving such a "thank you" or "badge hit" message as part of proper badging etiquette as well.

Many badge farmers really don't want to hit targets too often, not only to avoid angering the target enough to provoke a legion alert but also to avoid wasting energy on an attack/hack/raid that won't yield a badge to them. Many heavy badgers have now started to post the colors of the badges they have taken from a target (i.e. Blue, Red, Yellow) on that target ship's comm as a record for themselves on who they have hit, and they check the comm messages beforehand of every target they attack to make sure they won't waste their time. If you get a comm message like this from someone, it is a good idea to leave it on your comm log for at least one day so that if the attacker finds you again they won't hit you as frequently.

What is against Badging Etiquette is to alert your attacker to your legion for retaliation. Alerting after a single badge hit is often seen as unwarranted, immature game play and is best avoided. Even worse is alerting a player to your legion who attacks you back with a badge hit after you badge hit them first.


It should be noted that there is no requirement in the game to allow badge hunters free reign either.

If you prey on weaker and lower ranked players or on the same player repeatedly over a period of days you may get alerted to their legion since the player generally has no better recourse. Most legions have higher rank players protecting their lower ranks and if your badge hits are on players who are ranked so far below you that they stand no hope of hitting you back for a badge you will likely not get much sympathy.

Since the same player may appear in your battle tab again the next day, badging from them again may be taken as farming and legion alerted. It is another good reason to leave comm messages that the attack is just a badge hit if you actively mine your battle tab for badges.

The battle purist will argue that you should only be hitting opponents of similar or higher rank for badges. Even if attacking the lowest rank players on your battle tab is easiest, there is no honor in preying on the weakest. On the other hand, many serious PVP players will attack any player on their battle tab regardless of level or reputation.

Anyone deciding to follow these self-imposed guidelines will never see their names on the player leaderboards for hacks or raids.

When is a badge hit a badge hit?

An attack is a badge hit if it is a single attack on a random person to get badges. This can include any combination of a single disable, single raid and single hack in one go.

It is possible to get badge hits from multiple players who find you on the battle tab at the same time. One may disable and raid you and the next raid or hack your already disabled ship. Don't assume you were legion alerted unless you confirm multiple attackers from the same legion.

If one player disables you and several others from the same legion raid or hack you for badges then it is not a badge hit. It is "farming". An ethical "badge hit" never involves a legion alert.

What about green badges?

Green badges are awarded after capturing a planet from someone that you have not conquered a planet from in the previous 7 days. Taking a planet is always open to retaliation since it is usually unlikely that you plan to give it back after you get the badge. A few futbawl planets have been created that are intended to be traded back and forth, but there are some players and legions who frown on that practice and actively seek to flux those planets out of play.

Badging Ranges

A badge is NOT awarded for disabling/raiding/hacking ships of much lower rank. To enforce this, the game imposes a lower limit (rank*0.6) to your badging range. Anyone outside of your badging range will not appear on your battle tab. That means that if you can see a ship on your battle tab, you will be rewarded with combat badges for any pvp actions. There is NO UPPER LIMIT to your badging range.

Ships that appear on your battle log newsfeed (on the main page) via legion alerts or planet thefts can be targeted for any pvp actions, but if they are out of your badging range, no badges will be rewarded.

If you disable/raid/hack the same ship again within 12 hours of a previous corresponding badge (red/yellow/blue) from that ship, no corresponding badges will be rewarded.

Planets owned by new players are immune to attack until the new player hits rank 20, or 2 weeks of play. New players are also unable to invade enemy planets until those conditions are met.

Rank Can Badge an Enemy Pilot Down to this Rank
(Rank * 0.6)
Can Be Badged by an Enemy Pilot Up to this Rank
(Rank / 0.6)
1-2 immune immune can not attack other pilots until rank 3
3 3 5 can disable enemy pilots for red badges;
can raid enemy pilots for yellow badges;
can hack enemy pilots for blue badges
10 6 17
15 9 25
20 12 33 can invade enemy planets and earn green badges
30 18 50
40 24 67
50 30 83
75 45 125
100 60 167
125 75 208
150 90 250
175 105 292
200 120 333
225 135 375
250 150 417
275 165 458
300 180 500
350 210 583
400 240 667
450 270 750
500 300 833
550 330 917
600 360 1000
650 390 1083
700 420 1167
750 450 1250
800 480 1333
850 510 1417
900 540 1500
950 570 1584
1000 600 1667
1250 750 2083
1500 900 2500
1750 1050 2917
2000 1200 3333
2500 1500 4167
3000 1800 5000
3500 2100 5833
4000 2400 6667
4500 2700 7500
5000 3000 8333

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