Uncomfortable Diplomacy

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The Message Within Uncomfortable Diplomacy Silent Extraction

Mission Briefing

Your computers have been updated to process the Litheor data format, but we still need to develop an undetectable intrusion interface. Meet up with Ambassador Te'vul's ship again and keep him busy... sensors will need time to complete a new analysis.

Mission Dialogue

Commander? This visit is unexpected.

Hello again Ambassador.

Is there something we can help you with?

You left so quickly. I feel we didn't get the chance to get formally acquainted.

We didn't want you getting the wrong impression - occupying your territory could be seen as a hostile act.

We are still quite curious about your people. Can we ask a few questions about the Litheor?

Well... ok. I... I suppose there is time for a few inquiries... but I'm not sure why you would need to travel the distance to meet with me personally - your comms work fine, do they not?

It is a custom of ours when dealing with first contact races. It is a show of... respect.

Inefficient, but no matter. What would you like to know?

Your physiology is quite unique. Is your structure completely solid?

Not completely. Several plates and overlapping layers of crystal move within an energy-rich transmutative medium. We are actually quite agile.

Fascinating. Does it allow you to live on many different types of worlds?

Yes. We can withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, and environmental hazards without the need for external barriers that are used by organics.

I assume that would allow you to focus on other types of technology.


During the emergence, you mentioned that the Litheor were incubating for a very long time. Does it usually take such a timespan to grow?

Our complexity comes with such a cost, yes.

What can you tell us about other technology provided by the Seedshard?

I...am only a diplomat, commander. Such questions are best handled by one of our engineers... perhaps another time, though. My schedule is quite full today. We will have to conclude the meeting for now.

I appreciate your time.

I realize your custom dictates such... 'close' greetings, but perhaps you could simply contact me remotely next time.

As you wish.


End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of The Message Within
Un-gray Requirements:  ???
Per Round Requirements: Energy 60
Per Round Rewards: 125 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Litheor Data Interface
Per Round Risks: none

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 60 energy
Rewards: 125 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.08333
  • 75 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 4,500 energy
Rewards: 9,375 XP, 1 Litheor Data Interface
  • 3 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 13,500 energy
Rewards: 28,125 XP, 3 Litheor Data Interface

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The Message Within Uncomfortable Diplomacy Silent Extraction

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