Uldrinan Introductions

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Daily Mission Briefing

We've received a hail from an unknown source, and the signal is unusually strong given our proximity to the spacial eddy. I cannot identify anything further, as the spacial distortions are too severe.

Mission Dialog:

VARA: Shall I respond to the hail?
Yes VARA, open a comm.

Keln: I am Keln of the Uldrinan. I see you are new to the expanse.
We're on a rescue mission. Are you native to this region ?

Keln: Yes, and those are our crystals you are displacing.
Our apologies. We were not aware they were being used.

Keln: Spacial pools are a key energy source for us. We have learned to harness the stresses within them.
So, the Uldrinan race lives completely within the expanse ?

Keln: We do. We are uniquely adapted to it.
We're searching for a ship that was lost here sometime ago ... a large research vessel called the Ventar.

Keln: The expanse is considerably massive. We see many ships travel within. Most are destroyed before finding their way out.
Can you help us ?

Keln: Technically, you are trespassing. You are fortunate that we found you, as we can assist in escorting you out.
It is very important that we locate the Ventar. Can you grant us temporary passage ?

Keln: I'm sorry, but this space is restricted.
We're prepared to offer a trade.

Keln: A trade ?
I imagine that your ships do not often receive goods from the outside.

Keln: Hmmm... no we do not. Commerce is extremely difficult through the expanse.
I'll send you a manifest. I'm sure you'll find something useful in our cargo.

Keln: Alright. We will agree to allow passage, but I doubt you will make it much deeper.
Why not ?

Keln: You are about to enter the Slip-Fields. If your Ventar traveled there, it would only survive for a few days at most.
Is there any other information or technology you would be willing to provide ?

Keln: We could be persuaded to provide you one of our onxicants. They are obsolete to us.
What is that ?

Keln: A primitive version of the spacial compensators we use. It should reduce some of the stresses on your hull... at least through the Slip-Fields.
That would be very useful.

Keln: That is the extent of the assistance we can provide. You have until our next full zone pass to find your Ventar.
We'll proceed as fast as possible.

VARA: Commander, I must caution you. Our hull is already nearing maximum tolerance. Even with additional compensation, it is not likely that we can continue without sustaining considerable damage.
We'll continue as long as we can, VARA. Anything else ?

VARA: Scanning resolution remains at minimal levels, but I will continue my attempts at enhancing it.
As soon as we finish onboarding the onxicant, continue towards the Slip-Fields.

VARA: Affirmative.

End Transmission.

Mission Image: Image

Becomes Available Upon: None
Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 Unstable Wormhole Emitter
Per Round Rewards: 190 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Uldrinan Onxicant
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 Unstable Wormhole Emitter
Rewards: 190 XP
XP Return Ratio: 1.9
  • 45 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 4,500 Energy, 45 Unstable Wormhole Emitters
Rewards: 8,550 XP, 1 Uldrinan Onxicant
  • 11 Completion/Finish
Requirements: 49,500 Energy, 495 Unstable Wormhole Emitters
Rewards: 94,050 XP, 11 Uldrinan Onxicant
This mission can only be completed once per day.

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