Tribute Cache

Exclusive Special Event Daily Reward


A large cache of data and goods. When opened, it grants 2 hours worth of planetary production, not to exceed your planetary and rank capacity.

Available from: 1. Daily Reward on March 10, 2013 as compensation for the minor dataclysm on March 6, 2013 that cost some players a few hours of planetary resources when planetary production required recalculation due to the switching of daylight savings time.
2. Medal: Exo-Galactic Recruitment

Artifact Type: Production
Set Duration: Instant, Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Artifact Effects: 2 hours of planetary Artifact Points, Mining Points, and Research Points production
Artifact Limits: None
Number Available: 1 or 2
Alternate Uses: None

Scraps for: Cannot be Scrapped
Share: No
Send: No

Note 1: As the resources gained cannot exceed your capacity, it is a good idea to make sure you have enough spare capacity in Mining, Artifact and Research, before you open the cache.
Note 2: A typo in the in-game description stated this artifact gives 3 hours of production. It in fact provides 2 hours of production.

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