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Daily Mission Briefing


Now that we've returned, I've been asked to direct you to debrief with our contact Nai'ba. I have not been authorized to join... for whatever reason. Regardless, I have enjoyed working with you both. Visit me again in Vearon if you are passing through.

Mission Dialogue

Nai'ba: Commander, Ravyn. I am Director Nai'ba. I am pleased to see your safe return from Vvarix.
Thank you, but not all of our team returned. You know this.

Nai'ba: This may come as a shock, but Sileena is quite safe. She'll be joining us shortly.
What are you talking about?

Nai'ba: Your mission was a small part of a larger plan, one that we've been organizing for quite some time. The Terran Outsiders and Stryll agents have been... infiltrating into allied governments, and it has been making our job that much more difficult. Precautions had to be taken.
When you say "we"... who are... "we" exactly?

Nai'ba: The Lumar. Galactic Peacekeepers. We've been in covert operation for a very long time. We are not aligned to any government, (Race Specific) or otherwise.
Ravyn, did you know about this?

Ravyn: No. I knew Sileena was keeping a number of secrets from me, despite how long we had worked together... she often insisted that her contacts remain private.
Sileena is a member of the Lumar?

Nai'ba: Of course.
Why didn't you tell us the truth before?

Nai'ba: To be blunt, we didn't fully trust you. Your actions have since proven your loyalty to maintaining galactic peace, and the leadership has re-evaluated their stance.
Was Ba'ryl also part of this plan?

Nai'ba: Not fully. Ba'ryl is an independent operative working with a spy group on Vearon. There are many Vetheral agencies that operate out of sight. They are not part of the Lumar, however, and they do not know the true extent of our existence.
But... you still rely on their intel?

Nai'ba: Not fully. Our network of contacts spreads far and wide, yes. We have influence... everywhere. Maintaining galactic balance is not easy - Our vigilance is often tested.
Of course. But... if Sileena wasn't in the conduit on Vvarix, where was she?

Nai'ba: She was aboard the Mortiya despite what you were all told. The information surrounding her rescue was so sensitive, that we had to keep the truth hidden even from you three. The agents at Gantry Virtue retrieved her and made a... swap.
A swap?

Nai'ba: Yes. We arranged for a Vetheral criminal to shift and take her place, in exchange for some confidential items that were stolen back from the Strazi and delivered to his family, in addition to other matters that were agreed on.
How long have you known about Vvarix?

Nai'ba: We discovered the location just as you did, shortly after Sileena's rescue. P'laal had already infiltrated a role in the Terran Outsiders counterspy division, and was close enough to verify. We sent her in to gather as much information as possible before your arrival, and assist with your cover.
So... why send us into Vvarix if you already knew its location and succeeded in the rescue?

Nai'ba: Oh, this reaches far beyond Sileena's rescue, and is not finished. We sacrificed P'laal's valuable cover in order to inflict significant damage to the conduit... it will be down long enough for us to complete other critical recoveries. We could not wait.
I suppose they also assume Sileena is dead.

Sileena: Yes, but dead never looked so good.
Sileena! I'm so relieved.

Sileena: And I wouldn't be alive at all without your efforts. I underestimated you. Ravyn saw something in you that I doubted. I figured you would end up like a power hungry despot, like so many others.
Well, you trusted us enough. Your well placed clues were vital.

Sileena: I did what I could with what I had. I had no other choice but involve you.
How long have you been with the Lumar?

Sileena: I was recruited long before my work as a spy.
Why? What were you doing before?

Sileena: I thought it would have been painfully obvious by now. The Lumar does have some non-shifting members, but most are Vetheral like myself.
So, all of this time, we've been assisting the Lumar?

Ravyn: It all makes sense now. Thinking back on many of our missions, there were things she was able to do... that shouldn't have been possible... as a human.
But, Ba'ryl didn't know either, or at least he didn't admit it.

Sileena: Verifying the true identity of a Vetheral is a complex matter, much of which is still not fully understood by outsiders. Ba'ryl had no reason to question me. All of his sources, to this day, record me as a human female. I never shifted in his presence.
I originally agreed to help you because Ravyn vouched for you... having worked with you as a trusted contact. We didn't know your interests were more complicated.

Sileena: Does it matter? You know the truth now. Our combined efforts have greatly stabilized the region, but I hope you understand that our work is not done.
I know... but where does this leave us?

Sileena: I would hope that our relationship will continue to be cooperative. We still wish to collaborate on matters of peace along these borders.
I would be a fool to think that the Lumar have not performed missions against our own government.

Sileena: We cannot confirm or deny that, but as Nai'ba told you, we do not work for any government entity. Our actions are solely to maintain peace, and that sometimes requires gathering information in a manner that would be considered... well...

Sileena: Yes... but I would hope that our open dialogue has led to a period of heightened trust between us in the future. The Lumar trusts you. I trust you. We will inform you of our needs for this kind of information going forward.
I would hope so.

Sileena: Nai'ba has one more thing to discuss...

Nai'ba: Commander, I echo Sileena's statements regarding our future cooperation. I understand that you might interpret these revelations as the Lumar taking advantage of your resources and time. I assure you, that we also have your best interests in mind.
I believe that, as well.

Nai'ba: The Lumar have authorized me to issue you our Sigil. They are given only to our most trusted members. Though you are not among our ranks, we thought it was nonetheless appropriate.
I am honored.

Nai'ba: The Sigil is not just a mark of honor. It is used to invoke aid when its holder is under duress. They are painstakingly intricate devices.
That could be quite useful... thank you.

Nai'ba: Do not thank me just yet. There is one condition.
Name it.

Nai'ba: Your mission within the Orbisbarrier, though successful, led to Sileena's capture. The Terran Outsiders subsequently stole her Sigil. She is obligated to retrieve it.
Of course... but... can't you just create her another?

Sileena: This is a matter of principle. A Lumar Sigil is a sacred gift. You are quite fortunate to have been offered one. It took me many years as a member to even be considered. It is my responsibility to get it back. It was the three of us on that mission, so I am asking for your help.
Sileena, with all due respect, I think you should lay low for a while.

Sileena: One of the benefits of being who I am - is I can be whoever I need to be. The Terran Outsiders alone have 19 separate dossiers on me... as different people.
That doesn't eliminate the risks. We've rescued you twice now.

Sileena: I already conveyed my gratitude. I made a lot of mistakes on our last mission... I'm not proud of them, but sitting on my hands is not something I do.
Mistakes? What else could you have done? We were surrounded.

Sileena: Prior to arriving in the Orbisbarrier system, my morphogenic sac began malfunctioning. I should have postponed the mission until it was repaired, which wouldn't have taken long, but I pressed on. During my capture, I had no choice but to hide several artifacts outside my body, and they were eventually found.
Do you know where they took the items?

Sileena: I have a theory. The Terran Outsiders wouldn't know the true value of the Sigil, nor would they, unfortunately, even know how to activate it... They likely assume it to be expensive jewelry.
You think they sold it?

Sileena: Yes. I was also carrying a rare case of spirits from Vega, plus some assorted tech that would be useless to them. Knowing my captors, I would almost guarantee that they aimed to profit from the whole lot.
So we just need to track the buyer?

Sileena: Yes, but the Terran trade network is vast, archaic, and rife with price fixing. They've sold and exchanged billions of items of jewelry since my return. Many planets only share their updated databases of goods to local ships. My contacts can help with information, but we'll need to verify with a few visits of our own.
I was hoping to avoid another cloaked visit to that territory for a while, but if there's no other way...

Sileena: I make no demands that you assist me. This is my responsibility, after all.
We were all on that mission, Sileena. We'll help you get it back.

Sileena: Good. Sync up with me during the search - we need to cover as much of the trade network as possible.
Will do.

Sileena: Let's go shopping.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the Mission An Uncomfortable Decision.
Un-gray Requirements: 4,000 decks, 15,000 cloak, ?
Per Round Requirements: 1,100 Energy, 1 Terran Trade Database
Per Round Rewards: 50 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Sigil of the Lumar
Per Round Risks: None.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 1,100 Energy, 1 Terran Trade Database
Rewards: 50 XP
XP Return Ratio: .0454
  • 20 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 22,000 Energy, 20 Terran Trade Databases
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 1 Sigil of the Lumar
  • 26 Completions / Finish
Requirements: 572,000 Energy, 520 Terran Trade Database
Rewards: 26,000 XP, 26 Sigil of the Lumars

This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and it does not count towards completed missions credit.

  • NOTE: You do NOT need to purchase the Phase II Ravyn Cloak Upgrade to access this mission chain.

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