The Isolation Factor

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Mission Briefing

This is a disaster. What have you done? Why would you destroy our beacon? Our colony is stranded now... we don't understand what would compel you to do this to us...

Mission Dialogue

Please... explain yourself.

We have destroyed the beacon. Your plans for annihilation are no more.

Annihilation? No... I do not understand. We have never had such plans.

We know all about the true nature of the Seedshard. The Vaash contacted us.

The Vaash?? Oh no... no... Commander - whatever you may have heard from them is a vindictive fabrication!

Explain what you were doing with the beacon.

The beacon was our trans-galactic conduit with the rest of our civilization.

As well as the Seedshard?

Yes... of course. The Seedshard births new colonies, and the beacon allows us to remain connected with the others. Why have you done this to us?

The Vaash mentioned that the Seedshard would be returning here, wiping out all life.

No! The Seedshard is a vulnerable, benevolent entity. It is on a constant move, ensuring our mutual survival.

Why would the Vaash send such a dying message to us?

Dying? hardly. The Vaash are very much alive in our home spiral. We've been at war for generations.


Territory... power... politics. Familiar conflict in every Galaxy.

Why were they so concerned about the beacon?

The Vaash are threatened by the technology. It is the only edge we have against them. We grow slowly and live long lives - and are thus well suited to trans-galactic travel.

Do you have the means of building another beacon?

Sadly, no. With the beacon gone, our line of supplies and data with our home has been severed. Trans-galactic devices require materials not native to this galaxy, nor this region of the cluster.

How long does it take for the Seedshard to travel here without the beacon?

New colonies, like this one, take exhaustive time and resources to establish... which is why the beacon was necessary... the travel and emergence for this galaxy took longer than the history of your entire species. It may not be worth the effort for the Seedshard to return here again.

How do we know that your story is true?

We would show you firsthand... had the beacon remained intact. The Vaash have clearly found a way to use our own technology against us... I fear for the future of the Litheor, especially as we are now unable to warn our people of this development.

Their message was embedded in the device you gave us as a gift.

The crystal? Interesting. The Vaash are clever, yes, but their story is ridiculous.

I will concede that I had some doubts myself.

I suppose they also must have provided you tactical information on our ships?

Yes, they did. They gave us detailed information about your systems and other data about the beacon.

I have nothing to hide. I would be willing to surrender my ship's entire core archive if necessary.

After destroying your most precious device, I am surprised you still want to cooperate.

Your survival instincts overrode your doubts. This is exactly what the Vaash wanted. We can hardly fault you given the circumstances.

We will agree to inspect your core. Will extracting it damage your ship?

A bit, but this is not of immediate concern.

We will try to replace anything that cannot be repaired.

Do what you will with it - I can only hope that your government will see the truth in our words.

Personally, I am sure they will.

We will speak again soon, then.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of Reaching the Core
Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: Energy 200
Per Round Rewards: 410 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Te'Vul's_Core
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 200 energy, 50 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 410 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.05
  • 80 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 16,000 energy, 4,000 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 32,800 XP, 1 Te'Vul's Core
  • 2 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 32,000 energy, 8,000 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 65,600 XP, 2 Te'Vul's Core

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