During Combat and certain Missions, if your Hull strength drops to zero, your ship will be disabled. You will be prevented from performing further Combat or Mission actions until you repair your ship.

There are two main ways to repair your ship; through the use of artifacts, or paying to repair.


Artifacts are items that you can gain through your daily artifact haul, through completing certain missions, or may be dropped by defeating or performing other actions against certain NPCs. They are stored in your Cargo hold until you use them. Most artifacts can only be used once, but there is no limit on how frequently they may be used once you have them.

Artifact Name Effect Obtained From Event Image
Repair Nanodrone Fully restores hull integrity when used. Artifact Shipment N/A Image
Tri-Matrix Emblem Fully restores Hull, Shields and Energy.

Note: uninstall your relays, uninstall any weapon modules that drain energy, equip all of your best power cores, equip all of your best shields, and equip all of your best hull modules BEFORE you use the Tri-Matrix Emblem to get the maximum energy recharge, shield recharge, and hull repair possible.

Daily Reward Daily / Ongoing Image

Credit Repair

You can also spend Credits to repair your ship. The more hull points that you need to repair, the more Credits that the repair will cost. The cost also increases as you gain in Rank.

There is a hard repair cost limit of 200,000,000 (two hundred million) Credits, that is, you will never need to pay more than 200 million Credits to repair your ship. You can only repair your ship this way once every five minutes.

It is also possible to repair disabled members of your Legion for Credits. Doing this also counts towards the Back on your feet, Soldier medal.

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