Reality Transcender

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'''Number Available:''' Unlimited<br>
'''Number Available:''' Unlimited<br>
'''Upgrades With:''' None<br>
'''Upgrades With:''' None<br>
'''Scraps for:''' ? [[Credits|CR]]<br>
'''Scraps for:''' 7,250 - 29,000 [[Credits|CR]]<br>
'''Share:''' No<br>
'''Share:''' No<br>
'''Send:''' No<br>
'''Send:''' No<br>

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Market Artifact

Upgrades an existing analyzed effect on your planet to a greater version of itself. Other than small moons, the Transcender can only be used once per effect. It cannot be used on a Reactive Barrier.

Available from: The Prismodyne Energy Network upon obtaining the nine year Wisdom of the Ages medal.

Artifact Type: Planet Transformer
Set Duration: Permanent (See Artifact Effects)
Cost in in energy to use: 7,000
Cost in Prismodyne Energy: 12
Medal Point Requirement: 2,700
Artifact Effects:

Upgrades an existing analyzed effect on your planet to a greater version of itself:
Small moons become Large Moons
Large Moons become Luminous Moons
Planetary Rings become Luminous Rings
Advanced Civilization Ruins become Advanced Civilization Acropolis
  • Note: the upgrade bonus appears to be anywhere between 5 and 10% added to the original bonus.

Artifact Limit: 1 per transfused planet, 2 if the effect is small moons
Number Available: Unlimited
Upgrades With: None
Scraps for: 7,250 - 29,000 CR
Share: No
Send: No

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