Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 7.0

Seasonal Artifact Market Artifact


Upgrades a Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 6.0 on your ship to a Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 7.0

Available from: using a Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 6.0 Upgrade from the Artifact Market for 77 GP, during the QPedd (seasonal event), starting in February 2020

Artifact Type: Ship Module Upgrade
Set Duration: Instant, Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Upgrade Effects: +60 Energy, +60 Scan, +2% to activated ability, increasing duration by 1 hour, and lowering cooldown timer by 4 hours
Artifact Limits: 1 use per Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator
Number Available: unlimited
Alternate Uses: None
Artifact Effects:

Size: 15
Scan: +270
Energy: +270
Activated Ability: +22% Defense against enemy players. Lasts 4 hours. (12 hour cooldown timer). 

Artifact Limits: 2 Q-Pedd Emotion Simulators
Replaces: Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 6.0
Upgrades To: Q-Pedd Emotion Simulator 8.0
Cost in Upkeep per day:  ? CR
Cost to Repair: ? CR
Scraps for: 45,000 - 180,000 CR
Share: No
Send: No

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