Protogrid Access Console

Mission Reward


Takes temporary control of the Protogrid, boosting your scanning ability by 20%.

Available from: The mission Cracking the Protovault

Artifact Type: Ship effect
Set Duration: 5 minutes
Cost in Energy to Use:
Artifact Effects:

Scan: +20%

Artifact Limits:
Number Available: 5 uses
Alternate Uses: None
Upgrade With: None
Scraps for:


  • Because these last such a short time, you should scan until your chance of success is low before using this artifact, and then use it to increase chances again. Otherwise, most of the effect will be wasted.
  • Not everyone agrees with the above tactic, there are those who would prefer the initial advantage of (potentially) breaking through the cloak of a very good (albeit occupied) planet over the ability to scan a greater number of planets towards the end of a run.
  • See Also: Scan Blitz and Max Scan

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