Mineral / Mission Reward

A mineral used for high level modules and structures.

Available from: Mineral Shipments, for purchase with credits, and from the rank 150 mission The Fate of Komarra.

Artifact Type: Building Material
Cost to Purchase: 1,502,201 CR
Artifact Effects:

Used in the construction of the following planetary buildings:
 Antimatter Minefield
 Null Minefield
 Thetacron Rift Field 
 Planetary Shield 
 Quantum Computer Grid
 Quantum Analyzer Engine
 Quantum Reassembler
 Gravshell Brain
 Gravitonic Revealer
 Gravitonic Teleporter
 Matrioskha Brain
 Stellar Replicator
 Stellar Converter

Used in the construction of the following ship modules:
 Antiproton Cannon
 Null Ray
 Thetacron Cannon
 Quasi-Chaotic Blaster
 Trans-Temporal Nacelle 
 Energy Nullifier Mark III
 Meta-Chron Shield
 Neutronium Armor Deep Core
 Fermionic Armor
 Dark Energy Core Mark IV
 Intra-D Collider 
 Supernova Generator
 Wormhole Relays
 HyperChannel Relays
 Subspace Jammer Mark III
 Anti-Tachyon Jammer
 Cloak Field Generator
 Dimensional Masking
 X-Manifold Detector Mark III
 Hyperflux Sensor 

Mineral Size: 1
Sells for: 1,201,760 CR
Share: No
Send: Yes
Image: Kurenite

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