Daily Reward

Claimable once every 20 hours for all players from their News Tab (the opening screen of the game).

One of the following rewards is received (at random):

It is possible to reset the Daily Reward Timer.

From Annabell's forum post: http://galaxylegion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=33541&start=22

I have kept track of every draw for 627 consecutive days and the numbers show odds at:

  • Mineral Units: 1/2 = 1:1 = 50%
  • Tri-Matrix Emblems: 1/5 = 1:4 = 20%
  • Research Points: 1/6 = 1:5 = 16.7%
  • Energy Cubes: 1/12 = 1:11 = 8.3%
  • Rank Points: 1/16 = 1:15 = 6.25%
  • Galaxy Points: <1:500 = <0.2%

The data will never come out to exactly 100%, because on certain days you don't get any of these six rewards.

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Also see Timer Reset Artifacts

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