Autonomous Processor


The Autonomous Processor is a ship module (size 20, upkeep 50M per day, scrap value 5-10 ctp).

The module is rewarded after achieving The Pinnacle medal for reaching rank 1000.

Module Stats

The Autonomous Processor will automatically change its stats at random times. ODragon's forum [topic] tracks the changes.

Date of Change Bonus #1 Bonus #2
12apr2012 invasion attack +200 scan +5%
15apr2012 hull +200 cloak +5%
01may2012 shield +150 cloak +5%
24may2012 defense +180 hull +5%
08jul2012 attack +80 shield +5%
05sep2012 defense +100 hull +5%
09jan2013 invasion attack +100 defense +5%
16apr2013 shields +150 attack vs. bases +5%
31Dec2019 shields +150 attack vs. bases +5%

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